Valentine Hookup with Chocolate Clothing

As the new correspondent for Chocolate Clothing, I'm happy to announce that we have a new shopping site and a new blog called Sugar Rush!:) Now you can order your favorite Chocolate pieces online (via Shopinas) while being updated with the latest trends and fashion news. To celebrate this sweet occasion, Chocolate Clothing held an exclusive & intimate bloggers hookup event at one of my favorite restos Big Bad Wolf, The Fort. Here are photos from the deliciously fun event!
 guests signing in :)

so i'm now aisa and aida. lols

hookup wall. spot our twitter accounts!:)

follow follow!

outfit shots!

the Chocolate Clothing "Fashion Truckie"!!! So cuuute. you can actually shop here:)

keigh,krissy, tracy

Chocolate Clothing owner Finina Tugade, Rumples Estacio & Big Bad Wolf owner Neil.:)

shopping made easy!

 Finina introduced Chocolate Clothing's new website!

Rumples Estacio giving us a more detailed virtual tour.:)

sign up now and start shopping online! 

Chocolate Sweetheart feature:)

Our new blog managed by me:) Will blog about styling tips, events, trends, moodboards and sweet treats. Follow us on Tumblr:)

Finina asked us to all go online, follow Chocolate on twitter and check out the new site:)

 love Finina's outfit!:) so Chocolate:)

Chocolate girls Finina and Rumples:)

 After the presentation, we were all treated to some good food and great company:)
 Finina with her nephew. So adorable:)

 The gorgeous ladies behind the brand, Finina and Rumples. :)

sarah, alyssa, krissy, keigh, angel, tracy, me, finina, rumples, kaye and tin

Thanks for the sweet time!:)

Chocolate & Big Bad Wolf team:)

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  1. Thank you so much again for the invite Pax! :) Pa grab ako ng ibang pictures, Thank youu! Labyu girl!


  2. love the outfit truckie. really, you can buy there? does it travel?

  3. I hope they'll ship international soon.


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