Carlos Celdran's Viva La Vida Imelda Tour/Performance

I was supposed to blog about this experience the day after we watched the show, but my laptop committed suicide again hence the delay. :/ I'm so glad I didn't transfer the photos agad so I was able to save them! Thank Gooood. I still think about our Intramuros photos though, gone forever :( Anyway, I (with Ana & Mich) was able to watch the show for free because of their bloggers barter tour. I was so busy that week (with my shoots and all) so I  ended up giving a towelette and an abaca bracelet. I promise that on the next one, I will come prepared!

About the show... it's a stage play adaptation (in a gallery setting) of Carlos' famous Imelda walking tour. This gossipy performance is framed by the biography of the Philippine’s flamboyant former first lady Imelda Marcos and set to disco music. The show was held at the Silverlens gallery, Makati. The place was small but the setting was intimate. They even called Carlos to greet me when I arrived. Nahiya ako ng bongga. Haha. It was awkward at first because we didn't know anyone there and most of the attendees were "socialites" (I can tell). We were able to settle as the night went on, and although we stood for 3 hours to watch the show, it was worth it.  I personally loved the PICC/CCP tour more (coz you get to see the buildings in person and location hopping is more dramatic), but this one possesses its own charm. Here's why...

We expected a traditional theater-ish performance complete with dialogue exchange, costume changes, lights and sound effects, but it was still a monologue performance by the amazing Carlos Celdran with the other performers providing support and that extra kick to amp up the show. 

1. Lively narrative by Carlos himself complete with photos!
photo grabbed from Saylala:)

2. Actors imitating the historical photos flashed on the screen. 
I love how Carlos injects humor into the tour. Hehe laughtrip!

 3. Dialogues by Carlos. 
In between storytelling, Carlos still delivers the dialogues, mouthed by the actors nalang. Mas effect cguro if the actors memorize the lines so it would appear as if  they're the ones speaking. :)

4. Kendeng girls and boys + Set Design (by Eric Quebral)
Introduction of the buildings Imelda constructed. Made of black masking tape! So cool.
Minimal props

5. Audience participation
The whole room is their stage! We got surprised when the actors in character went around. Kulet.

6. Photos
When Carlos met Imelda. Wish I was in that room!
Ms. Universe
6. Dancing, disco and retro music all throughout the show.
Love the music selection:)

7. Special/computer/digital effects!

paulanin ang screen bongga
flowers for you!
bongga! tom cruise lang the peg,  mission impossible! with the slide slide of the hand. coool.

8. Amazing singing and acting by the performers:)

9. Carlos' outfit changes! (napansin ko according to era pa,bongga)
photo grabbed from Saylala's blog:)

10. The actor portraying Ferdinand Marcos when he was ill. Consistent sha with the chubby cheeks!

You all know that we've already joined his Imelda walking tour before. It's the same tour but completely different. As Carlos said, some people like Imelda Marcos' better after the show. Some don't. But yes I agree that it's really important to go beyond the shoes. As for me, I've already shared with you guys my review of the Imelda tour in general. Click HERE to read it again. I also added some more commentaries below.

this is heartbreaking :(

As a person who was born after all the horrors of martial law, all we were taught in school was that the Marcoses were nothing but monsters. We all know about their evilness, but this tour introduced me to a different side of them and their story as well. I wanna reiterate the fact that I am only sharing, not revering them. I sound 'optimistic' because I am. All these years (living in a country run by corrupt officials, over and over), I felt hopeless and indifferent, thinking I'd probably die and we'd still be 3rd world. Joining the tour and listening to Carlos' unravel historical facts and fictions during those times (especially the part when our country was 1st world) made me realize (like a switch flipped) that we can be better and can do better. In general, after very Celdran tour I go home feeling inspired and feeling more "Pinoy".

Our economy during the Marcos regime

I do not wish to hurt other people's feelings (especially those directly involved with the violence of the past), but I just chose not to dwell on such a negative aspect of our country. I "worshipped" Cory Aquino and then I heard about Hacienda Luisita. Former president Fidel Ramos was the head of the military that carried out the orders during the Marcos era. I also knew of a couple of people who 'disappeared' during Erap's time. I realized that every regime has skeletons, every regime had their share of darkness.

People will always remember the lives lost but sometimes the loss is so crippling that people will never see anything else. I do not deny the fact that the Marcoses were ruthless, but I also recognize that they had their glory days as well. I just wanted to share what most people (like me) don't know about them. :)

This post about the wonderful Viva La Vida Imelda tour is a simple wish to all my fellow Filipinos to change their view of their own country. To be the change we wish to see in this world. :) 

Livin’ La Vida Imelda in Silverlens SLab gallery has 15 show dates: February 7, 8, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 23, 24; March 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10. Regular tickets sell for P800 while student tickets sell for P400. All shows start promptly at 8 pm. All shows will be held at Silverlens SLab gallery located at the 2/F YMC Silverlens SLab gallery Building II, 2320 Don Chino Roces Extension (formerly Pasong Tamo Extension), Makati City. There will be a 15-minute intermission.

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