Sweet Nothings & Everything

Went to the Chocolate Clothing event last Monday at Big Bad Wolf, The Fort. I had so much fun catching up with blogger loves, shared some laughs with them and of course our walang kamatayang camwhoring sesh. Here's what I wore to the event...:)

photos by Tracy Ayson!
Thrifted top, Mon Petit skirt, Soul Lifestyle belt, Envy stingray cuff, Asianvogue heels

I look like a school teacher but I love this outfit! It screams vintage and I feel super girly. Hehe. And again, I just wanna say thank you to my girl Tracy for my wonderful photos. Thank yoooou sweets!!!:) Will post about our sweet Chocolate experience next!:)

vumo-vogue  (photo from Sandro)

 class picture! (photo from Kaye)

Wanna know what's sweeter? These things are...
sweet treats from Flatterbuy. Thanks Jac!

turning our living room into a walk in closet (Mich don't kill me haha)

and my signed complimentary copy of Unscripted! Aaaah I died:)

But the sweetest things are random love notes to your special someone...
Thank you "YOU" for putting up with me!  For everything:)
Stay sweet and staygold (as Sarah said) everyone!

P.P.S. Join my other existing giveaways! (Will announce the winners of my past giveaways tomorrow)
Important Announcement: INDIE FRIDAYS WAS MOVED TO FEB. 24!:)

 And, sorry if there would be changes on my blog. Bought my own domain, finally! Will transition to www.aisaipac.com soon (mga bukas haha). Matry lang! Lol. Thank yoou!:)


  1. So pretty! Love the polkadot skirt! xx

    The Niknok Style

  2. Whoa! we forgot to take a picture together, sayang! :)


  3. thats your closet? whoa! cool! love the skirt!xx

  4. Awwwwww so sweet! ♥ Love you Pax! I really enjoyed our bonding time while stranded at rainy Serendra! =) Super thanks to you and Mich for being so kind! =)

  5. pax! i thought u have a shop na! cloooooset..
    hindi makatarungan na thrifted lang yang top mo! ganda!

    and... mukhang mapapbili nga ako ng unscripted na yan.

    ℒ ♥ѵℯ ★‿★


  6. So cute your shoes and skirt combo!

  7. lovely outfits! gorgeous girls! and envious with your unscripted copy! with warm messages pa from sarah and vicky! yay

  8. so cute the belt and skirt!! love the vumo-vogue photo! haha xx god bless!

  9. love the outfit,very innocent lang tingnan:)


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