Lucy, You are Gold.

I''m a huge Lucy Hale fan (from her Privilege days to Pretty Little Liars), that's why when Lawrence of Bench asked me if I wanna attend her presscon, I said yes in a heartbeat!:) I also almost cried (haha OA) when I found out she was at the Bench x Secret Fresh event which I skipped due to last minute pullouts. I still torture myself by looking at Tracy and Vern's photos with her. I think I know now the feeling of the person who founded the phrase, "Mamatay ka sa inggit" (in english: die of envy dieeeee!). Lol. But I'm still glad I was able to see her (even without meeting her) last Saturday during the presscon/fashion show at SMX. As a bonus, I (with 9 other media people) was given a chance to ask her a question! Awkward na naman but keri keri na. Here are photos from that day!

 Primadonna gold top, Forever 21 skirt, Bubbles  necklace, Envy green bracelet, Mango boots

So glad this look came out okay. Another one of my "rush" outfits. Haha. Built it around my Primadonna gold top. Thank God I dressed up a little bit coz I really didn't know I was part of the program! Anyway, here are the rest of the photos...

It started with an amazing fashion show--70s (flower child) style!:)
 i want this top!
close up: see the design? cute noh?
gusto nio yaan. haha
love the styling!
bf ni wendy! (getching to ng pbb fans haha)

bet ko the jacket! is this bench? sanaaa!

And then suddenly...
Ayan na sha!!! (cue loud screams)

she's soooo adorable!!! she got teary eyed coz of the overwhelming love and support. Aww.

Aria (her character in PLL) in awe. Heh. Believe it babe! Yes, we all love you!:)

she's so nice and humble. i swear you'll love her even more!

Mr. Ben Chan with his adopted daughter. Hehe! They're so cute together:)

Ariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haha

as in she looked at everyone (including me!) and mouthed thank you. sweeet:)

Tim Yap hosted the event. yey Lucy!

Q&A! I was so nervous!!! Double awkwardness coz you really had to go to that mic (left side) to deliver your question. Mini rampa sa side. Haha.

My question was: "What made you decide to join the Bench family?". Her answer: "The clothes! And my new dad (insert her term of endearment for Ben Chan)." Me (secretly thinking): Mr. Chan adopt me too! Lol!

Chaos ensued hehe, But she was nice enough to receive every gift, sign autographs and pose for fans. Sweet talaga ni atey!

While that above was happening, camwhoring was happening naman on the side. Lol.
with Reg's seatmate that day, Gretchen Fullido. She was super nice:)

blagers. hehe

Bubbles girls! Hello Tati!

Peg ni Ava the fashion show! cuuute

My loves--the Enciso sisters, instaxed!:)

with Ava and Melai (na d umabot sa event sayang!)

Thank you Sir Ben Chan!:)

Goofing around after some serious outfit shots...
Goodbye! Hehe.

Thank you Bench, especially to our loves Lawrence Cua, for the experience and for always taking care of us! Had so much fun as always. See you at the next Bench event!:)

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  1. Envious! I love Lucy Hale too. How I wish I was at the event ;)

  2. AWWWWW LUCY <3 I love her even more now! You're so lucky to have seen her aaand ask a question!

  3. hahaha "BLAGERS" :)) Nice seeing you again, girl! Bet ang top mo and love the goofing around with mich!=P

  4. Looks like fun!
    Love the goofy shots!

    Giveaway at my blog:http://whatislifewithoutwhimsy.blogspot.com/2012/02/random-giveaway.html

  5. You had helluva fun! + Lucy's facade gives extra thrill..


  6. Partida, this is your "rush" outfit but you still looked so gorgeous, babe! Bongga ka ever! Haha I agree, lalo ko pa na-love si Lucy Hale after this event. AHHH :"> Paxieness!!! Please allow me to include some of our group shots sa blog post ko. Pretty please? :"> Thank you and I love youuu!


  7. Love the outfiteyy! panalo ang last photo! :)


  8. wow! ako na ung babaeng mamamatay sa inggit! I love lucy hale!! And she looked so sweet seing her photos <3

    ps: i love your gold top! instant fab!

  9. Cute ni Lucy! Love your outfit too! :)

  10. winner talaga ung caption na while chaos ensued, ito ung ngyayari sa side =)))) hahahaha love it!!! thanks again Aisa!!!! :D


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