Sea of Sale

I still have a few backlogs but I decided to do an OTD first. Heh. Spent my whole Sunday eating and laughing with Mich and of course, shoe shopping!!! I wouldn't miss Chickflick's private sale even if there's a zombie invasion. So I ran from Marikina to San Juan just to check out their items on sale. Here's how it went...

 huge sign in front of the condo, i literally ran inside out of excitement. Lol

When I got inside, I immediately saw Sarah looking lost & confused. That's what 5 gorgeous pairs of shoes could do to you! So hard to choose. I helped her narrow it down to 3. Haha.
 oh choosing is so hard to so!

love this on sarah! 

problematic lang. decision, decisions.

i will dream about this bag. waaah

20-30% off!




cute headbands:)

the gorgeous ladies behind the brand--kat and rej!

rej trying on a pair of wedges hehe

happy (and guilty) shoppers. Haha

Thank you Mich for not killing me! Sarah and I felt so drained afterwards. Haha! Mich and I headed to Greenhills afterwards to eat dinner. We finally tried out Peri Peri!

mich's salmon (so tasty!)

my 1/4 grilled chicken & spinach sidedish--grabe I ate all my rice + more than half of Mich's! 

the winner sauce.

We were supposed to watch a movie, but all cinemas were just screening Breaking Dawn. I wasn't able to contain my disappointment! Did they just assume that everyone is a Twilight fan? Boooooo. We just washed our disappointment away with good dessert + some individual book reading. Mich and I mostly spend our time doing these--eating, drinking tea and reading. :) 

reading a book while waiting for my order at Cafe Xocolat, Promenade

gold oxfords from "the little things she needs" store.

frozen hot cholocate--i finished this!

forgot what this is called but Mich loved it!

Before going home, we passed by Bizu to buy some macarons...

And now here they are... my new babies!
P1300 each

I guess it's time to review my shoe closet (or racks) again. I should really start letting go (meaning sell) some of my unworn or seldom used pairs. Will post on my blog closet soon!:) Happy Monday everyone! Watch out for my Blogger's United free entrance passes giveaway!:)


  1. The the shoes you've bought! :)


  2. waahhhhhhhh shoesss.. :/

  3. gosh if only I didnt have anything to do yesterday! super daming gandang items!! :D

  4. Go! Go! let those shoes go... hahaha..
    nice meeting you sa Luxe.. nakalimutan ko yung skirt na peg ko. :( nastarstruck ako kay domz ee.. :D
    sa BU2 ko yun babalikan. :D

  5. Looking forward to your blog closet posts. And hoping you're a size 37 in shoes. Haha.


  6. wow shoe lust!!! ganda ng napili mo ais <3 and ohh if same size lng tau bibili tlga ako from you. :(


  7. I would just had nothing to do yesterday! Articles Gandang Daming Super!

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  9. nice post will wait for your next post thank you


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