Eat's a Date at Amici

You all know how much I love eating and food in general. Food makes my heart flutter just like pretty shoes or clothes. Heh. That's why when Khaezel from Openrice.com invited me to a food tasting event at Amici resto, I immediately said yes! I will just let the photos do all the talking. But first things first--outfit shots!

*Thank you to the beautiful Kristel Lim for taking my photos!!!:) Visit her blog!
From style swap event dress, The Ramp trench coat, Forever 21 leggings

Bubbles layered necklace

Diva cuff, Tomato watch

So I got this cute dress from the recent Style Swap event. It's fun taking home a lot of new clothes without spending a dime! It was super fun. I also love my new layered necklace form Bubbles! It's such a statement piece. This was the same piece Danica Magpantay wore in one of the layouts of our Nomadic editorial for Manila Bulletin. :)

Anyway, back to Amici!
Amici serves authentic Italian food and was previously owned by an Italian priest.

my fave! fish ravioli with spinach sauce

potato something with bacon. yummm


pumpkin soup with chicharon. yum!

the writer and bloggers of Openrice.com, also called Open Ricers. Hehe cute.

seo person & manager of Openrice!

a gift from an open ricer! so sweet:) thanks po!

Openrice.com is a dining guide to help people find places to eat based on restaurant reviews written by real local people. Did you know that Openrice originated in Hongkong? They've been in business for 8 years! Wow! Openrice Pinas had just turned 1 year old!

 my plate

And now on to desserts..each one is truly a work of art. Warning: prepare to drool!
But what really caught my attention is this...
 gelato!! I'm more of an ice cream person. hehe

 taste test by ana!

 can't choooose!

 bonding with Amici manager Ms. Macy, Ms. Lariza and Khaezel!

 pretty openricers! Thanks again Kristel for my outfit shots!

And then came dessert time...
mango sorbet

 Ana's strawberry lite ice cream--she originally wanted pistachio but i reminded her of her Fit & Right project! HAHA

inside the rouge cake. yum.

 me, Khaezel and Ana

khaezel is so much fun!

khaezel and kristel:)

class pic! hehe

Overall, it was a truly pleasant experience. Good food + good company = Perfect afternoon. I'm pretty sure this won't be our last bonding over eating session. I am now a self-proclaimed Open Ricer! Thank you Khaezel & Openrice.com for inviting me--and thank you Amici for the wonderful service and wonderful food!:) Til our next food adventure. Ciao bellas!:)

*Visit Openrice.com's facebook page and website!

P.S. See you at the LUXE Bazaar at Il Terrazzo Tomas Morato later! 11am-7pm! Also, last 3 days of the GIORDANO Blogger Challenge! Pls be kind and vote for my 2 entries by leaving a COMMENT. Click HERE & HERE. Thank you so so so much. 


  1. You just made me so hungry, those desserts look super delish! Love your jewelry!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. what a mouthwatering post ms. aisa!!!! huuuuu. the cakes look so yummy! can i take your place in case you are full already? heeeee. :)))

  3. I really love Amici and their Caramia cakes. I'm so bummed they pulled out from SM North Annex.

    How cute your robin egg blue nails! Matchy matchie with your turquoise neck accessory! :)

  4. The food is really mouth watering! From the pictures, I can conclude they all taste yummy! I also love food too! :D and BTW, I love your look here. The ethnic printed top completed the look :)

  5. so cute naman the outfit pax! love the print of your top :)

  6. Love the necklace set you have on! Nice color combination. :)

  7. Love the print of that dress, so in the season :) and I love a
    Amici.. italian food in general :)



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