The Little Things We All Need

After the Amici food event, Ana and I headed straight to Eastwood for the store opening and launch of the new store, "The Little Thing She Needs". It was intimate and so much fun--especially when spent with blog friends!:)

 The Little Things She Needs is an Indonesian shoes/accessories brand that offers a wide range of pretty items--from shoes to accessories to bags to eyewear-- for the fasyown crowd.

how pretty the store!

 lovely display

photo wall--hagardness galore!

These are the lovely items that caught my attention! So pretty!
shoes price ranges from P500 to P1900--not bad!
love these sandals! omg so perfect for summer!

lovely bags, purses, wallets and clutch bags! waaaah! love the snakeskin clutch the most!

cute colorblock wallets:)

i officially call this, the stylist's bag! haha. it might be bigger than me but it can store a lot of things!

and this purse, perfect for events:)

bangles galoreeee--the one I love is just P399!

rings starts from P199

cute necklaces

sunnies:) so pretty I bought one! lakas makayaman (P599)

cute scarves

And then we all gathered outside for a fun styling contest, messages from the TLTSN owner, a toast and the introduction of their brand ambassor!

AVP about the brand:)

styling table

the contenders hehe


Team A! Hello Tracy!

team B - hello francesca, anne and shaira! --they won!

Team C - sarah!

 TLTSN owner Freddie Beh! Did you know that this amazing store was conceptualized when he failed to buy a gift for his mom after visiting a gazillion stores? He felt he needed to put up a store where people could buy the little things they need in their life (or should I say closet?).

A toast!

the perfect brand ambassador for the brand, Laureen Uy! You all know how much she loves to excessorize!

ribbon cutting!

media people shopping their hearts out! :)

with mother shen:)

the traveling closet owner, Trina Ong!:)

with Bianca and Sarah

 great food!

bloggers unite! with Sarah, Tracy, Laureen, Ava

photobooth fun! haha

Saved my GCs to share with my sister:) Kidnapped her from work the next day. Good thing she just works at IBM, just a few tumbling away!

she got the denim flats

My outfit for my "Me" day (meeting, shopping, salon, window shopping, food trip)
  Style Swap dress, Thrifted blazer, Parisian flats, Martina Martina rope necklace, H&M hobo bag

What I got from TLTSN:
can't resist buying this cool sunnies!

The Little Thing She Needs is located at Eastwood Citywalk 2 beside Starbucks infront of Coffeebean!:) So many nice items--great quality at an affordable price. You won't regret it!:)


  1. We got the same shooes <3 LOVEEET hihi

  2. Wow great items! can't wait to check out the store :)


  3. girl! love ko yung outfit mo when you brought your sister!!:)

  4. WOW! I wanna visit this place! How much were the flats? :D

  5. love their products! i love your outfit too :)

  6. hi aisa! how much yung gold brogues?? :) love your blog :)http://ilovekrz.blogspot.com/

  7. wow, they've got nice items! I love their shoes! :)


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