Eat, Play, Blog: Boardwalk Blogger's Forum

Who haven't heard of Boardwalk? Well, I'm sure you're all familiar with this brand/company as a top-selling and fastest-growing direct-selling company in the country, but you don't know that it has been around for 20 years now. It was also awarded as the best managed networking company and one of the most outstanding organizations in the country. Boardwalk aims to empower people and takes pride in uplifting the lives of fellow countrymen with a brand that they can be proud of and call their own. They are also very much into social responsibility, as they support the 11.20.11 Run For The Pasig River event in a tie up with ABS-CBN foundation. 

Last week they brought together more than 40 bloggers to their fun Blogger's Forum titled Eat.Play.Blog at Ming Restaurant, Ortigas. True enough, we ate, play and blogged the whole night. Hehe. Here's what happened through photos...

Hosts Ace Gapuz, Edward Watson and Boardwalk's top runway model, Gerard Sison

there was s styling competition! Bloggers styled the models...

 ...who they announce will be Boardwalk's Style Council! The Style Council will make themselves available on social networking portals like Facebook and Twitter to let them be able to communicate with the young generation.

 the winning team! woohoo! go sarah and ava!

The winners were given GCs and a surprise customized Avel Bacudio jeans! I'm so jealous!:) We then took a break and had a nice dinner.
with Anton, Sarah, Ava and Angel

There were some film showing after dinner about their projects and endorsers:)
 hello mother hehe

 add them up!

Another styling contest! This time it was the bloggers turn to be styled by the personal shoppers of Boardwalk!
Sarah in her ms.fashion eggplant dress. Hehe. They won!:)
love the shoes

Angel, styled!

the 2nd group:)

And then there was chaos--when they brought out the clothes rack and boxes of shoes for everyone to have!
me choosing

shooesss, too bad they were all the wrong sizes:(

And then shots! I had to leave early though but it looked wild! hehe

 thanks Edward for the invite!:)

Now do your part in saving the Pasig River! Click here to join the race: http://boardwalk.com.ph/runforpasig.html. Don't forget, it's this Nov. 20!:)

Boardwalk Business Ventures, Inc..
Unit 1508-1509 West Tower PSE Center
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Tel. 631-9999
Website: www.boardwalk.com.ph
Twitter: twitter.com/boardwalkph


  1. Thank you so much for inviting me to this event, Pax. Had a lot of fun! :)


  2. Nice to see you there Aisa! :) Lucky Sarah! Im jealous din! Haha. ;)


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