Singapore Chronicles: Day 4 & 5

So I'm back with another Singapore post! Yeeey. I'm currently staying at Chinatown and I'm sooo loving it. If I move here (which I'm already considering, yeeep) I want a place in this area. It's near everything and hundreds of food choices. AYLAVET. I can just go down anytime to buy food, have my nails done, have a haircut, buy cellphone load, etc etc. So here's me without any makeup on--haven't even brushed my teeth yet. Lol. Met up with Mich over lunch.

 black mesh shirt - Oxygen, tanktop - thrifted, boots- Primadonna, bag-Malaysia, necklace - Rubi

Since Mich only had an hour for lunch, we just decided to eat at the hawker center (aka foodcourt) below the apartment. The food stalls are a little confusing, there are photos of the food but all I can see was orange and red. Haha. Setlled for this stall and bought a nice rice meal of spicy squid + egg (i've overdosed of chicken).

5 sgd -- quite yummy

 Koi Cafe (Mich buys tea here like 3-4x a day!)

Koi Cafe makes THE BEST tea evuuuur! Sorry but I think this beats Happy Lemon and Serenitea:) If I only have money, I'd franchise and bring it to Pinas!

I then spent the rest of my day discovering the city (or malls haha) alone. I even went to Esplanade theater. :)

esplanade art
replica of an old village

I went to Citylink Mall, Marina Square and Suntec City. I'm so proud of myself for not overbuying! And well, it's because I still find the goods here expensive hehe. I met up with Mich afterwards to have dinner with friends. Our good friend Glysa (from our previous job) took us to Long Beach resto where the best Chili Crab is served. :)

kuya is fishing fishing

they all love the food here

quite expensive for 100sgd. thanks Gly for the libre! hehe

happy diners

me with Gly & Pin--our gracious hosts! thank yooou:)

waiting for the cab--ganyan talaga ako magwait ng cab. Lol

The next day, I met up with my girl bestfriend--Cecille! She has been my friend from my St. Scho to UST days. We've been friends for almost 20 years:) I love her to death. I think sometimes she know me better than Mich does. We've been through a lot and I'm just glad I have her in my life forever! You'll see more of her soon--mga next year:)

 sorry haggard lng haha
ordering food:)

me, ces, taks--thanks for the dinner:) 

So in conclusion, all I ever do here is EAT. Hahahaha. And the truth is, one of the main reasons why I really wanna move here is because of all the food. I think I'm destined to be here, the only place where I can actually succeed in gaining weight and fats. Haha. Let's see. Soon. Maybe:)

I'm ending this with my purchases! Got them on sale. I looove.

from New Look store in Suntec City--bought this for 19 sgd

gray sneaks from Rubi (Citylink Mall)

cute notebook from Rubi for 2 sgd! and some hippie bracelets:)

That's it for now! Will post more tomorrow. :) It's currently raining here (complete with lightning and thunder), I hope this goes away so I can go back to Bugis tomorrow to shop! And I'm not very fond of wet floors or streets. Booo.

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  1. OMG!! ur in SG!! i wish i can bump into u. hehe. anyway, YES!!! KOI is THE BEST but the queue is unbelievable. worth the wait though.


  2. hahaha naloka naman ako sa pag wait mo ng cab tey! ganun ka talaga mag wait huh? lovet!

  3. Looks like an awesome place! Great pictures!


  4. waaah i miss Sg na tuloy sis lol!

  5. you make me miss singapore so much! i was doing excatly what you are doing now 6 years ago :)

  6. I love your necklace:) your having a great vacation and congrats to be part of the female network's pinay blogs to follow:)


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