Weekend Getaway: Hello Malaysia!

Here's how Mich and I spent our weekend. Narration through photos. HEH.

Saturday outfit...
yellow tanktop - c/o Bench, jeggings-c/o Bench, scarf & belt-c/o SM, shoes-Archive, bag-Fabmanila

The most popular way of going to Malaysia from Singapore is by bus. There are a lot of bus companies that you could choose from, but go for the "coach" buses. They're more expensive than the regular ones but that's because you're paying for convenience, comfort and drop off is directly at Kuala Lumpur. The best ones I heard (and saw with my own eyes) are the Nice & Transnational buses (or the double decker ones), coz they offer free meal onboard and the seats are similar to those you'd see on the business class section of planes. BUT their online booking system sucks. We didn't want to risk seat & time availability, so we just booked a cheaper version online. The bus turned out nice and comfortable--reclinable seats + foot rest. Sana ganito buses sa Pinas! Calling Victory Liner! Book HERE

sleep are for the weak--haggarda!

 noodles for breakfast

Wasn't able to sleep coz we had to go down twice for Immigration (out from Singapore and into Malaysia). The process was super easy and organized.

Immigration out of Singapore

So glad I wore my new Bench jeggings (which fits perfectly by the way) coz it was cold on the bus. Hehe. Wanted to wear something colorful so I wore my yellow tanktop also from Bench. Aylaveeeet. Casual comfort at it's best, me thinks.

6 hours (and a bucket of drool) later, we finally landed in Kuala Lumpur! The bus stop was right in front of Berjaya mall--super convenient!!! So we headed to the nearest money changer (which was inside the mall), and headed to the foodcourt to make lafang (in english: eat so much). Finally, wifiiiiiiiii (no free wifi in SG).

anlaki ng sign db?bulag? (in english: 3 blind mice?)

Our hotel was just near (as in behind Berjaya), so we just walked all the way there. After 1 million steps (haha we got lost!), we finally made it!

lost in translation

booked this hotel via Agoda! 

READ!!! pls explain. what horse? hehe

the bedroom was quite small but super cozy. I likey.

CR was okay:)

I haven't slept yet for 2 days, so 10 seconds after lying down and before I could even finish my sentence, "Mich anlambot ng unan nagiimprint my face o", I already dozed off.

Deads. Lol

Mich wanted to wake me up at around 5 but she said I looked sooo tired, so she waited til 7pm. I woke up refreshed and with a swollen face and eyes. Haha. I freshened up then we went to Petaling night market to eat and shop! It's best to just ride a cab coz the city is kinda confusing. I only bought a bag, the rest of our purchases went to food. When we got home we realized we spent P3500 or $80 on food alone! Gluttony haha. 

dinner sa tabi tabi
Obsessing over mangoes. you can buy fruits for just 1.20 ringgit. So that's P15.
squid with chili and fried kangkong. meal was close to P300.

There were hundreds of stalls but nothing really caught my fancy.  The goods sold you'd find in St. Francis or Divisoria. I'd rather shop in Bugis. Hehe.

The only thing I bought--a longchamp2an bag for 40 ringgit or close to P500! Nice quality I swear. And my new obsession--rice cakes!

Okay nabaliw na sa food.

We woke up late--around 12pm--so we headed to Berjaya first to eat lunch. Ate at KFC and didn't really love it. I like ours better. We were about to ride a cab going to Petronas when we saw this...

sword fighting exhibition. amazing!

We bought a taxi coupon at the side of the mall. Fare going to Petronas was just 10 ringgit. Be careful with cabs there coz they tend to overprice. Be firm in telling them you want it metered!


Outfit shots...

jumpsuit-Iconique, shoes-Archive, cardi-F21, bag-petaling market

Love that this jumpsuit from Iconique is super lightweight and comfy! Perfect for the hot Malaysia weather. Hehe. After forcing Mich to take my outfit shots, we then headed inside.

Inside was a huge mall called Suriya. Temptation island haha. We wanted to go to the top --the skybridge--but unfortunately there were no more tickets. There's a limit of 1000 tickets per day. :( So we just decided to kill time inside and went around.

went inside and found out goods were overpriced. Bleh. :/

went to Make Up For Ever to try on their concealer...

...and ended up  buying it for 120 ringgit or almost P1600

nice park at the middle. new york lang?

tourist? lol

After an hour we headed back to Berjaya to wait for our busride home. We waited in Starbucks (thank God for free wifi) where Mich had this...
lumot latte. ew dont like. :/

The busride home was smooth and I just slept all the way to Singapore. I love how a 6-hour busride could take you na to another country! Satin Baguio lang. Heh.

Train ride to Chinatown--home. :)

Will definitely go back to Malaysia soon and longer. But for now, I'll continue enjoying Singapore! Done with 3 malls today and heading to Orchard later. Need to sleep and recharge. Catch up on you later at night!:) So far, I'm not missing the Philippines! Haha.


  1. nakakaloka kaaa! I can imagine your tone while reading through! I love the jumpsuit and the gold oxfords! penge rice cake! =)

  2. I would love to visit both places!! Singapore and Malaysia

    Live Life in Style

  3. sana makapunta din ako malaysia, nainggit ako sa post na to! pwede ka nang tourism ambassador!

  4. super fun ng blog entry mo! winner ung captions, hahaha! enjoy!!! :)

  5. ayylavvet! nxt tym go genting sis! the weather is just awesum possum! u dud not get anything fr SURIA? agree they're really pricey but i still go home with 2-3 bags on hand when i go there lol!

    enjoy! we miss u tho !HUGS!

  6. I love your jumpsuit. Super cute!
    And the "lumot" latte... hahahaha!


  7. i want to go to malaysia too! how long was your bus ride? i've been to singapore but it's been years since i went there! haha.. maybe when i visit manila i can spend 3 days in malaysia? but i kinda wanna go to thailand first. :)


  8. Naaliw ako sa post na ito. Love ko talaga ang mga funny captions mo. I didn't know na Malaysia is just a bus ride away from Sing. I should defo try ito soon. Hindi pa nga ako nakakapunta ng SG!!!

  9. I love how you blog! Super bet ko! :) Natural lang! :) I wanna visit Malaysia, but I heard Singapore is better daw! :) Enjoy your stay!

  10. aba teh! inlove ako sa shoes mo :P!~
    wow send my regards to bugis nalng! haha <3

  11. I love your Casual comfort outfit...and the colorful shawl:)

  12. Hola! de donde es el paƱuelo?
    un beso

  13. I love Kuala Lumpur! I think mas nagustuhan ko sa KL kesa sa SG kasi mas may culture dun. :) I wanna go back there someday. Pavilion Mall is love. :)

  14. love this post, hope you'll come back here in MY..maybe I can tour you ;) love the outfits, specially the scarf.

  15. next time you visit Malaysia let me know ^_^ 'cause I'm currently studying there....would love to meet up with you guys!

  16. Oh my goodness, that jumpsuit is pretty much the most perfect one I've ever seen! I would wear that all the time...with the heat in Florida, jeans are way too steamy!

  17. Bwahahaha I look crazy laughing while reading your posts! Supper funny :) love it!


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