Loots, Lace Dress, Ice Cream

We only have 3 days left here in SG and it's making me sad. Boo! :( Anyway, here's how I spent my Wednesday and Thursday--bonding with friends!:) I also finally re-visited my favorite shopping destination in SG--Bugis Plaza! Photos below, but first some outfit shots!

busy bugis sidewalk hehe
lace dress- Forever 21, brogues - New Look, watch-Aldo

dress-Bugis market, brogues-New Look, bag-c/o Manels, belt-c/o SM Accs

Okay, so here are the rest of the photos! And the stories that comes with it:)
Cecille and I got hungry so we tried this roti with sausage--it's so yummy! For only 2sgd.

We headed to Carlton hotel afterwards to pickup and have dinner with our friend from UST--Villa (who was sick then, aww). She's staying there from a series of flights (she's a flight attendant for Emirates Airline). It's always fun chatting with the girls. :)

carlton lobby

dinner and chika at Raffles with Villa, Cecille and Mavi :)

my dinner--yes yes i ate everything! gluttony. haha

After dinner, we dropped off Villa at Carlton again. We went up to her room and chilled for an hour. Her FA hat was just lying around, so I picked it up and played with it. Heee.

bonggey hat, not bonggey haggarda face

hahaha feel mo te?

 selftimer #1

and #2 haha

We then rode a bus and got off at Clark Quay! Mavi (our tourguide) wanted us to experience SG's night life. Truth was, I just wanted to eat some more. Haha.


love this area--so much life! hehe

wet area--jk, fountain daw.

the yummiest ice cream evuuuur--turkish ice cream. There's a mini joketime show when you order!

watching the swing!

before take off--with fog fog effect.

and then boink boink!

The next day, I woke up super late (had to work at night) and I went out late. Had to send out some important emails first before going out. I then met up with Mich and her officemates at Bugis where we had dinner at one of the best restos there. But before that, I had an hour to shop! And I tell you, major pocket damage. Lol.

 crushing on this boots! 39sgd :(

dinner at nando's a peri-peri resto (gets? haha)

went to the 24-hour mustafa mall! they've got it all for you! parang SM lng ah haha

 guys, meet Jessica Alba--nyaah!

We went there to buy chocolates, mich's officemate bought perfumes. Mich and I will probably drop by again tomorrow coz we weren't able to visit all corners. Lol. And Mich challenged me to buy an Indian dress and style it/wear it. Challenge accepted! :P

Passed by Clark Quay first to buy Turkish Icecream again! Hehe adik lang.

I'm ending my post with my loots!:) Here are the nice pieces I scored earlier...
midi skirts for 15 sgd each
cant decide which color to buy--so I got them both
addicted to buttondown shirts - 10sgd each
also bought Mich something! love the color of this shirt:)

P.S. Here's a video of Mich getting fooled by the Turkish Icecream man! I could watch it over and over again, it never fails to make me laugh:)

Happy Friday everyone!:) I've been reading a lot of tweets that it's raining like crazy there--so please be safe.


  1. Love that lace dress! And you scored really big on those lovely pieces! I love the sweaters!

  2. yay! success ang BUGIS that i told ya sis!! greenhills lang di ba lol!

  3. sobrang nacurious ako sa turkish ice cream tweets mo pa lang! :)) winner ung video teh! haha!

  4. yes tey super rain lang ditech! Kaloka ung vid ni Mich!

  5. I want those skirts!!! :)

  6. next time you visit SG, let me know ^_^

  7. Awww poor Mich! (Pero may evil laughter ako WAHAHA.) never tried Turkish ice cream but it sounds yuuuum.

    Kainggit naman kayo teh, talagang bonggaley ang vacay! (:

  8. aww what fun! Love the stripey dress btw <3


  9. Your finds are cute, i love the midi skirts and the cardis. Both colors are nice :-)

  10. omg! i want those skrts!

  11. The midis are to die for! But I covet the experience even more. Parang sobrang enjoy ka dyan sa SG! Ingat, Pax!

    x sPam of frou-frou

  12. Naiingit ako sa singapore posts mo, girl. Too bad hindi na ako matutuloy diyan :(( Miss you!!:D Keep the posts coming!! milk tea..inggit!

  13. white dress is so cuye and very like your new midi skirts :)

  14. nice haul! have fun on your trip! :)

  15. What a great post- I feel like I was on your trip with you! That lace dress was a great choice to stroll around- super cute and effortless!

    <3 Amanda

  16. Wonder what's that taste of the Turkish ice cream:)

  17. never had Turkish ice cream before, what's the difference?so curious! :)

  18. cute lace dress :) please follow me on my new blog trashtapestry.blogspot.com thank you :)

  19. you look like a kid in that lace skirt! so sweet and fresh :)


  20. love all your photos dear! and i love your style too! ;*

  21. Reading your posts made me miss Singapore :( and how much I regret not taking the time to visit Bugis >.<


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