The Resistance

I love Eastpak. I love their tagline--Dare to Resist. And you already know my Eastpak stylist stint last year (together with Melai) which I'm really proud of. Eric of the Prime Group sent me the final layouts the other day. It's awesome! :) Thanks Eric.

So again, here's Eastpak's 2010 campaign--The Resistance Movement (and get to know their chosen leaders!)

You might think it’s hard to live without steak, but Katrina Lugartos shares how exciting vegetarian cuisine is. “Apart from experimenting with many different ways to make vegetables more palatable, you’re enjoying your food minus the cruelty.” She pertains to the butchering act, which she staunchly fights and resists. A vegetarian since ten and a vegan since her late teens, Kat first encountered animal cruelty in the province when, as a child, she witnessed livestock slaughtered before her very eyes. “I took care of the pigs and treated them like pets while on vacation. Then a few days after, my uncles slaughtered them.” She currently works for the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals as a communications officer - embarking on her advocacy full-time.

Jukka Holopainen is a free spirit with a love for extreme sports - rock climbing, surfing, and longboarding. Traveling around the Philippines to quench his thirst for the extreme opened his eyes to the beauty of our islands. His growing passion for the Philippine environment led him to engage people to actively do something to help preserve it. “We can resist further degradation if we choose to lead a more organic lifestyle,” he says.  Jukka wears and manufactures hemp clothing, longboards and bikes around the metro to conserve petrol, and distributes brands of skateboards and longboards in the emerging market of skate and surf shops.

Growing up we have always marveled at the art movements of the West. From the age of antiquity to Warholian pop art, it is a delight to have influences coming from the Americas and Europe. However, Jowee Alviar, graphic artist and co-founder of Team Manila, started a movement that put Manila as an emerging art district. “We coined the name Team Manila because as aspiring graphic artists, in the event our design gets published, people will see our origin.” Jowee credits the rise of art appreciation to establishments aggressively promoting creativity in the midst of an urban setting. Through the process of creating our own artistic identity, Team Manila resists the shackles of colonial mentality.

RONALD aka Malaya
“I grew up thinking art was all about people who are able to copy real-life dimensions,” discloses Ronald “Malaya” Pasion, an artist and poet who has organized several events offering artists an opportunity to share their wares freely. In the process of deconstructing art, Malaya opened an entire new perspective - art that is free from the conventions of our preconceived notions, from rigid systems, and antiquated standards. He held events where musicians, painters, poets, dancers, and many other artists came together, defying rhythm and rhyme, yet bound by the following reasons - a tremendous love for art, a desire for self-expression, and willingness to share.


Models live a high-octane life on and off the ramp and klieg lights. They go through day-long photo shoots, grueling ramp rehearsals. Some people dismiss modeling as an easy job where looking good is the only requirement. However, there are multi-faceted models who have ventured into other fields such as Ornusa Cadness. Apart from modeling, she DJs for clubs and events, paints and holds exhibits, and has even ventured into catering in the past. Resisting stereotypes and labels, Ornusa’s zest for life and diverse interests give convention the proverbial middle finger. “I really don’t care about what other people think about me.”

the leaders. astig. :)

"Eastpak supports this resistance to dated convention and negativity by presenting five movers and shakers who resist convention and carry on unconventional yet lucrative lifestyles. Contrary to the abrasive connotation of a political resistance party, Eastpak’s Resistance Movement is a means to shatter the stereotype of an apathetic, indifferent youth by acknowledging what they ought to resist while having a rockin’ good time. The five Resistance Leaders embody qualities Eastpak backpacks became known for - hip, edgy designs that are built to resist harsh elements and daily use. Over the years, the brand has included multi-functional laptop sleeves and accessories into its product line. The new product line is built to resist complexity, limits, discomfort, inadequacy, and the ordinary - evolving along with the increasing needs of the new generation."

 Thanks Eastpak for the wonderful opportunity!

*Eastpak is available in the following Bratpack branches in Ayala Greenbelt 5, Ayala Marquee Mall, Ayala Cebu, Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Place Malate, SM Southmall, SM The Block, SM Pampanga, SM Davao, and SM Cagayan de Oro.

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