It's a wrap!

I'm finally done with my shoots for Depot Fashion mag. Yeeeey! Now the real work begins, writing the articles. Ugh. Anyone who wants to do it for me? I'll pay. Lol. Anyway, it was quite a ride. There certainly were ups and downs but the whole experience made it all worth it. Here's some BTS from our shoot today...

Editor-in-chief Rumples Estacio (who is also a fashion designer!) with her bf photog. Cutest couple ever.:) Oh, and she's wearing a jacket from Archive!:)
my notes. haha
Sanuk peeps.
with Eril of Prime Group (same group who handles Sanuk, Fitflops and Eastpak)

It was such a fun shoot, everyone was just laughing and joking around. Thank you Depot Fashion for giving me the opportunity to style half of the upcoming summer issue. Hope I did it right. :)

In other news, I tried to cook again! I think a little more practice and I'll be on my way to kitchen stardom. HAH.

 sorry haggarda galore.

I have a long day tomorrow! To my blogger friends who are meeting up tomorrow, I'll be coming late. :( Hope I could still make in on time and hangout with you guys. Missed all of you.:)

P.S. Been obsessing over American Idol lately. I don't know if it's just me, but I love the new judges!!! Ain't Steven Tyler the coolest?!LOVE HIM.


  1. kaya yan, girl! aantayin ka namin!!:)

  2. I really like your outfits! and the shoes in this shoot are amazing! Envious! :))

  3. hi been following for couples of month now but I'm not sure if I leave comments..he..he..sorry so busy kasi but I always come here everytime you have a new post:) Wanna say I appreciate your style and keep it up..By the way, through you I know about chick flick collection and got my first order:)

    keep blogging, styling ,smiling and never mind the haters! they just wanted to be in your shoes:)

  4. cu Ava!!!

    Nina- thank you girl!:)

    Gene- i appreciate your comment so much!:) I hope make or made you smile in one way or another. Thank you for the support sis. Love love:)

  5. I love your striped top! :) And goodluck on your way to cooking stardom! Heheheh :)

  6. you always do:) you seemed so nice and humble amidst your popularity..that's what i love about you..keep it up girl:)

  7. Pax I'm so proud of you and your achievements! Love you!! I can't come today sorry!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  8. More power on the cooking! Gusto ko ung stove mo san mo yan na getching? =)

  9. About the articles - you'll pay, you say? I'm in! I want to beef up my writing portfolio a little by contributing to more magazines and stuff. Just shoot me an email. :)

  10. kunyari serious sa first pic o! haha! and ew, i look so stressed in that pic. hahaha

    boat ride through the sky

  11. I love how your blog always has so many clothing items on it. It always makes me want to shop!

    Embracing Style

  12. always so busy! but that's good. congrats! :)

    regarding cooking.. just want to share that i learned through youtube and videojug hehe :D just search for whatever you want to cook, it's there! :)

  13. XOXO those darn shoes!!


  14. HEHE THATS tryptich right.i remember the photog guy,he looks young for his age,and Donald (hair stylist) is a friend of mine.^+^


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