In Full Bloom.

I'm not really a huge fan of the big v-day or even the hearts month. But today, I think I just changed my mind. I may not admit it (and I think most of you too) but I feel special or "kilig" whenever I receive beautifully arranged flowers or just flowers in general.That's what I felt today, heeeeeee.:) I'm totally inlove with this bouquet!

This gorgeous bouquet is from my friend's flower shop--Tecson Flowers. Honestly, this is the best arrangement I've seen so far (and I don't even like roses). It's the first time I ever appreciated roses in general (I'm a malaysian mums girl) and drooled over them. When I saw them I literally had that "I'm so fluffy I wanna die" moment. It's that nice. The materials used are also unique and nicely put together. Parang I want to shift na sa flower styling! For serious. Hehe. The one I'm holding is from their Me So Pretty designer series. It comes in 5 trendy pastel spring colors--orange, pink. green, blue, yellow. It's a combination of Denim, Burlap & Checkered--so country, pretty, stylish & tasteful! You can even choose the flowers. :) My favorite is this pink one!

 I also took this home...

gorgeous roses, satin flower bed, cute bow--*swoons*.

If you can't visit their branches, you can just order online and have it delivered (i hope not to yourselves, or pwede din hehe). And the bow...the boooooow!!!! I want to take it off and include it in one of my outfit posts. Haha. Too cute. 

I really hope your boyfriends are reading my blog. Boyfriends (or girlfriends haha) this is your cue!!! Lol. As for me. I really wouldn't mind receiving a bouquet or two this Valentines (wink wink). Lol. I promise I won't let the flowers die!!! :)


  1. Some say red roses are overrated, unlucky me have never received any! ... Wishing for them, pleaaase get me a Valentine! They're so pretty!


  2. gusto ko makatanggap ng ganyan flowers sa vday, hahaha nangarap ba! :D :)) hangout soon ok! :) =/

  3. love the flowers but your skirt first caught my attention.

    Allan, please read this daw! chos! I wouldn't mind having chocolates on the side and please don't give me flowers in public! haha!

  4. My hubby gave me a bouquet of Tecson flowers maybe some 2 years ago when we're still dating. :) They were pretty! I kept the materials they used and put it in our scrapbook! :D

  5. Haha, sige! Will check them out. I was thinking of buying flowers din eh.

  6. You look too cute with the roses! So very V-day inspired! :)

  7. love your outfit and yeah, doesn't hurt to receive flowers on V-day and not just when you're hospitalized or what-not.

  8. with a pretty flower arrangement such as that, who would need a vase? :))

    <3 hazel


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