So Imeldific, Senyor Valera.

I was lucky enough to have been invited to Freeway's National Artist Collection x Ramon Valera. The event was last Tuesday and I can truly say it's one of the best events I've ever been to--ever. The event was full of the 2 things I love most--fashion and history. It was well-organized, well thought of, it was something you'll store in your memory box forever. The event started with the viewing of Ramon Valera's works borrowed from different ladies who loved his art with all of their hearts...

 blazer-Ensembles by Debbie Co, dress-archiveclothing, shoes-chicflick, bag-vintage versace

View from the top--the Valera gowns exhibit.

And now feast your eyes on these gorgeous gorgeous historical creations where Freeway's newest collection came from...

Intricate embroidery and cut-outs.

Even Mich was in awe.

And did you know that Ramon Valera is the 1st designer to ever receive the National Artist award in the field of fashion? Wow.

 His medal given last 2006.

And another outfit shot... haha

And then a commotion! No wonder, the Philippine's style icon and ex-first lady--Imelda Marcos-- arrived.:)

It's just surreal standing just a few feet away her!

I was too shy to ask her for a photo. Haha.

We then proceeded upstairs for the program proper...

Lagare si Madam Tessa--the host for the night! So witty and charming.

There was a short chitchat with some resource speakers and then a slideshow of Ramon Valera's personal life, fashion and achivements after.

 Valera’s niece Peching Zulueta-Gomez, fashion designer Aureo Alonzo, National Museum curator Nick Legazpi, Jr.

 One of the slides that caught my eye.. The women shown here are so sophisticated, glamorous and fasyon!!! 

Ensembles designer Louis Claparols who was standing beside me. We have matching blazers! Lol.

And then of course the fashion show which was 60's inspired! The collection is a sublimation of Valera's art into the pieces. I love how they transitioned Mr. Valera's work into many wearable ways suited for today's time. :) Before I proceed with the runway photos, here's an example of what they call "sublimation"---

My favorite--I would buy this!

Jessica is expressionless. hehe!
I loveeee.

After the show, the spotlight was all on the style icon herself and advocate of the arts-- Madame Imelda Romualdez-Marcos. I find her interview interesting and amusing, all in good sense. She was very funny, witty, charming and gracious. 


One thing she said that stuck in my mind and that made all people in the room laugh was when she said, "Allergic ako sa panget dapat palaging maganda, maganda, maganda! Kaya ng palaging magandang umaga! Magandang araw! Magandang gabi!". Lol. She also has many projects for Ilocos and soon all her gowns would be on exhibit somewhere! Excited for that. This congresswoman is indeed exceptional.

with Alex of reluctant stylista
 Press Kit.

Now what's inside?
I love!!! Thank you Mira from Freeway!=) Til the next event. Can't hardly wait. :)


  1. sayang we weren't able to come here.

    see you sa fash week? invite kita sa visions and trends show. ^^ that's on the 30th

    see you soon.

  2. I love the tent shaped boyfriend shirt and the drawings on the clothes! i would definitely go check out freeway soon! :)

    love your blazer and dress aisa! :)

  3. @Mike - sayang naman sana talaga you came as in sulit!!!:) never a dull moment as in bitin pa nung natapos. And yes! Invite moko ha hehe I'll see sa fashion week. Lablab!=)

    @Scarlet April - do check their new collection out! As in nice the clothes. I already had the tent shirt reserved LOL. Thanks thanks!

  4. I love your skirt and shoes! You're so lucky you get to be invited in such events! :-)

  5. love your blazer!! <3 great event!


  6. this looks like AWESOME. omg, imelda... just looking at her pictures makes me feel weird in the stomach already. :) LOVE THAT WOMAN! and her shoes of course. haha

    xoxo Mode Junkie

  7. nice outfit, like the blazer :)


  8. ito na yung kuwento mo samin na imelda and ramon valera!! sooo nice :) history and art is definitely love!

  9. She will always be a style icon...her love for beauty and arts is incomparable....I love the gowns...and the new outfits were really good...

    I am in love with your dress paxie...and your shoesss!!!

    great event...


  10. OMG I would definitely drop by to get those awesome accessories!!!! So green with envy..... D8

  11. Now there is a photo my sister (reluctant stylista) has been looking for: her whole getup. Love your blazer and I most definitely loved the gowns.

    And Imelda! Wah! I was starstruck! Even Cris wanted to have her picture taken with Imelda...she was in awe.

  12. Hi Aisa!!!

    Great to finally see you in the flesh! I had a great time with you guys...^_^

  13. ohh! this is a great event! fashion and history! this is so cool ^_______^

    the dress and gowns. they are fabulous!

    ps: i loooooooove your skirt. or is it a dress? hehe

  14. that's amazing!! the pieces look so exquisite! :D

    Animated Confessions

  15. that's one great event Pax, and quoting you, it's something you keep in your memory box.

    you pull off any number just great! you are dazzling!


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