Sick and Tell

I'm giving myself a break from posting about events I've been to. So, my everyday activities finally took it's toll on me and I got sick for 2 days. I had a bad cough (which I still have but I'm feeling better). And just because I'm stubborn, I still went to a shoot last Thursday--weak and all. I seriously considered not going but I never cancel on commitments, so off I went. Well, I'm glad I did coz I was able to learn a few things (or I should I say--lessons) that day. One of them being, not just saying yes to any gig.  This shoot was also not my favorite. I don't know why, I felt like I just wasted my time. I won't divulge the details but I went home disappointed and yes weaker. Now, I swear I will not do weekday shoots anymore unless it's super bongga (in english: over over). Lol. So anyway, I also learned not to drink antibiotic during a shoot. I went crazy for like an hour 'coz I was so high and groggy. Haha. Anyway, here's some behind the scenes...

my katandem stylist Jear and Me. 
Trying on Jear's stuff for styling--hat and furry shirt, hehe.
Winner the poses--myckee (hairstylist) & jear

got high coz of my meds thus the silly face. lol. I was closing the button for more than 10 mins. Haha.

I love Mycke's pose! Fierce. hehe.

Me with model eya

 me with model gem

me with stylists--Jear and Argie (also a new designer from FIP!)

Stylists love!=)

I wasn't able to take any more photos coz I was too tired, weak and groggy. Lol. After this, I rested for 2 days and I really enjoyed my time off at home! Such bliss. If you must know, I don't like going out anymore. I think I've gotten over that phase. I'm really glad I found a nicer bigger apartment. Now I can accommodate friends and do the chillin' out here! And yesterday was the 1st day we accepted visitors. So much fun.:)

Saturday--I woke up late to the sound of my mobile ringing. Apparently, my sister had nothing to do and she wanted to come over to visit. So we went to the nearest mall which is SM Cubao and Alimall (too lazy to go to Megamall--and I'm still on a shopping ban).

  Churros fix.

 Dinner at the newly opened Pancake House in alimall:)

 my sister is wearing the shorts I bought from Kookie!=)

 my sister was totally crushing on this dining set. Love the seat cover!=)

 cute hat at the souvenir section of SM

 My sister is in love with this couch, and apparently Mich loves it too much to let go. Haha.

 Cute lace boater hats new from SM!=)

I know I'm on a ban but I can't help but buy these 2 belts. Staples!

Outfit Shot! My pambahay look haha. I just wanted to wear my maxi skirt.

skirt - Marks&Spencer, top-human, belt-thrifted, shoes-vietnam

By close to midnight my cousins and a friend (who live nearby) came to our apartment to just hangout. They left at 6am. Haha. I have a feeling this is just the start. More tambays to come!

And lookie! I have a new bestfriend--my new digital stove. Now I can stop eating at carinderias!

I should really start making food/cooking websites my new bestfriend. Suggestions are welcome!:) But I'm still a newbie (and a noob) so I need simple recipes first. This is the 1st time I'll ever try so I'm kinda excited. Will let you guys know once I finally have the guts to try one dish. Anyway, hope you all had a great weekend! I did:)


  1. OH M! i didnt know pati stove ay digital na ngayon. im loving what you and your sister were wearing, guapa. I hope youre feeling better now.

    virtual hugs and kisses,

  2. Bilhin nyo na yung couch! Haha.

    Take care,

  3. I agree with Mich, the best way to determine if a couch's comfy is to sit on it --- and eventually sit longer 'til you end up hugging the pillows as well :P

  4. Aww...Get well soon! And when you get well, you still need to relax a bit. :)

  5. Churos! I hope you're feeling a lot better now Pax :D

  6. I just found your blog! It's so great! Such pretty photos :)


  7. Love churos! Hope you're fine now..:) Love your outfit, I'll try to wear my maxi skirt too! Thanks for the inspiration.. <3


  8. I love your "pambahay" outfit! It looks so polished. Hope you get well soon. :)

  9. Grabe naglalaway talaga ako when i see new hats designs (lacey boater hat: to die forrr!!!) :D
    Pagaling ka pax! :))

  10. Aw you look super cute and it looks like a fun photo shoot. I've never seen a digital burner like that, looks neat and good luck cooking! :)

  11. pagaling ka pa, pax!!:) don't stress yourself too much.

    love ko "pambahay" look mo, teh! very stylish ;) hehe

    and cute belts!! i should buy belts in more colors..puro brown ako =p

    try mo pax, PESTO SCRAMBLE :D hehe http://allrecipes.com//Recipe/pesto-scrambled-eggs/Detail.aspx :)

  12. churros!!!!!!! omg! my fave!!! nomnomnom


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