New Uploads on Archive!

I decided to name my latest collection--Four Seasons. It's because all the pieces are wearable all throughout the year (well that's just 2 seasons for us Pinays lol). These pieces are now up for sale on my online store! Some are already reserved but you might still see something you like. :)

Click HERE to shop! :)

Watch out for my giveaway featuring the new online clothing store--Stubborn Eve! :) Plus some other prizes from Ichigo and Gold Dot. I've just been busy the last couple of days that's why I wasn't able to push through with my giveaway. But I will put it up very soon!:)

You can also head over to SCHU's blog. They have an ongoing giveaway--Bag a Schu bag! They will be giving away 5 pretty bags to lucky winners. All you have to do is share with them how their blog inspired you to style your schu!:) And I was touched with one of the entries. One reader--Tanya--shared how I inspired her to buy the strappy leopard design shoes/heels. Read all about it HERE!

Things like this makes me so happy and inspires me more. 
I love you guys and thanks for all the support. I truly appreciate it. :)


  1. The trench dress is so pretty!!!
    The prints are same as that of Mango's,=) love it, ^^, and your pumps are envy-worthy!

  2. I love how you styled the red skirt! Eeep it's so... "paint the town red"? Haha. Ugh corny.

    Take care! :)

    Roan, The Explosive Orange

  3. You have so many great OOTDs. :)

  4. LOVE: audrey hepburn top, striped skirt and the red skirt look :)

  5. Oh my I can't believe I'm seeing my face on your blog! haha! I love your style really! :)

  6. oh god that red skirt is INSANELY GORGEOUS. if i were you, i would've kept it for myself, haha.

    boat ride through the sky

  7. OMIGOD. *DROOLS* You are one hot woman!!! <3 Do you have pieces for petite girls like me? :P

    Checking out your store now.

  8. the first dress is too cute! i love the print. goes well with the shoes, too.♥


  9. I love the skirts and the dress...hmmpp...

    great collection!!!


  10. awww i love everything! looking good, guapa!
    happy weekend!

  11. You're such a vintage queen! Looove it!


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