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I just had the craziest week ever and it's not even Sunday yet. Before anything else, I just want to share with you guys the official openshoot teaser which I styled for last Monday. It's crazy beautiful! Shot by the very talented Darrel Pobre. :)

Make up artists: Jam Pinaroc & Joyce Stanley
Stylist Tandem Extraordinaire: Jear de mc Cuttac & Aisa Ipac (pax)
Casting by: Yeoh Egwaras
Set design: Benjo Pacson & Felix lim
Lighting Director: Ronan Espadero
Images by: Darrel Pobre and Vil ceredon

styling by jear
styling by Jear
Poster Shoot Models: Kae Valencia, Adolf Garalde, Anela Alba, Julie de los Santos & Benj Bolivar

Again, hope you guys could come! It's an exclusive shoot and slots will only be limited to 20. This will also run for 2 days. The Sanrio themed shoot is on November 13 and Studio 54 is on the 14th. I will again be styling for this so hope to see you guys there! Text BNS at 09175707808 or 09175179172 to reserve slots. :)

So anyway, I had a last minute styling gig last Wednesday for a big "sporty" brand (thank you argie and jear for passing it on to me) at The Collective, Makati. Think Jansport but not Jansport. Guess it's obvious. Lol. I was so nervous coz I only had a few hours to prepare (yes, it was that last minute!) and the models are not really models but real people who've achieved a lot and have different advocacies. I'm such a sucker for that. This is also for their 2010 campaign which will be advertised and distributed to the media. Think posters, stickers, parties, etc. etc.! So, yeah I nearly had a panic attack. Especially since I'm used to going to shoots prepared with the clothes already in sets. It was a good thing that their organizer helped me through it and explained everything to me. So I made a quick run to SM department store to buy some props. I also hate going to shoots alone coz it makes me sad, so I'm really glad that Melai tagged along to also help. Thanks Melai!

 Sit down interview with one of the "leaders" environmentalist Jukka Holopainen conducted by Marga Deona

thanks melai for the help! DIY chili necklace.
jess the make-up artist!
with the vegetarian "lettuce lady" Kathrina Lugartos
shoot with one of the "leaders" Jowee Alviar owner of team manila! He's actually a friend so it was nice seeing him again:)
girl cruuuush:)
one of the "leaders" model/dj Ornusa Cadness:)
One of the "leaders" artist/designer Ronald Pasion with his artistahin siberian husky! Cuuute:)
This is one of the best shoots I've ever been to. One, because it's for a huge campaign which I'm all for. Two, it's for one of the best brands in the country. Three, the models are all inspirational people who all stand for something. And lastly, the team was sooo supportive and fun to be with! The photographer Dix Perez took amazing photos and edited the pictures right then and there! I already saw the final photos or more or less how it would look like when released, so I'm already excited for it's launch. Will let you guys know how the media launch on Nov. 11 will go:)

Lunch was provided by The Pasta Box! Yum.

 I wasn't able to take more photos coz we were all busy chatting and eating. Hehe. Here are some more BTS...

kuya jowee, bhea & ronald
the team
Group Shot!
resistance leaders all together
 After the shoot, I had to run to SMX for 2 meetings--one is with the fashion week team for a last minute (again) styling stint for the Ipanema show the next day, and the other for my new job as web editor for Fashion Depot!

with the owner of Auxmanila!=)

Surprisingly, that day, I really didn't give a shit as to how I looked even with all the fasyon people around. I love it. Haha. Haggardness galore but so what at least may fab reason! =P Melai and I also watched SM's show but we were so tired that we weren't able to really enjoy it. So we went home afterwards.

I suck at taking runway photos, I'm either too slow or too obsessed with deleting ugly photos that I miss important runway moments.  

 Jessica looks cute!

Melai, Jear and Me

And akalain mo..outfit shot!
shirt-thrifted, pants-Fab, shoes-Keds, bag-thailand

Will post about the Ipanema show next!:) Have a great weekend!


  1. very disco outfit indeed. i want the siberian husky please. haha :D

  2. Hi i tagged you in my post, for being one of the bloggers who inspired me the most! Hope you take time to look at it! Thank you! Stay fabulous!
    Here's the link.

    Cool, si jess yung makeup artist namen for our grad pic. :)

  3. Hello! my friend Kira showed me this link! It was an awesome day for us kahit na I was very sick cause everyone was just so amazing to work with! :)

  4. woh.you seem to be in quite a run huh...your work seems soo much fun..and congrats on your new job....

  5. thanks Ching, Eunice and Vogueish!:)

    Hi Marga! Happy to see you here!=) Oo nga kahit it was super hot that day ansaya pa din super. It was super nice meeting you!:) see you on the 11th!

  6. Aw the H&M teaser is soooo cute. You did a great job styling the models. :)

  7. that's amazing!!!!! the shoot looks so major nga!!! congrats on getting and being a part of it!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  8. We loveddd the H&M photos.. soo cute.!!
    WE also loved that outfit adn accessories for the 'vegetarian lady'
    check uss out @ projectinvouge.blogspot.com

  9. busy bee! ah miss you girls! wonder when i'll be able to join you guys again...

    fashionista fortune cookie

  10. Love it! Looks so much fun!


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