Shoot All the Way

I styled for 3 days straight. Last weekend was the Fashion Wars openshoot with photographer MJ Cachero. It ran for 2 days and then I again styled for an openshoot teaser for BNS (the guys behind the Pin-Up shoot I posted last month) today. I'm exhausted! I had a lot of fun though. I wasn't able to take decent outfit shots, except for Sunday during an early morning coffee run. So here are some photos from my busy weekend... (Beware: photo overload)

Ana and Melai helped out on the 1st day. Thanks girls!=)

Jear printed copies of this and taped it all over the studio. Lol. Lavet.
Me and Melai in action--styling and taking photos. 

Stylists + Yeoh
I was only able to take a few photos coz Mich was busy working on her laptop. Booo. These are just 2 of the girls I styled...

If you must know, it's really difficult to style for openshoots coz it always call for spontaneous styling. We can only work with pieces participants bring. There are participants who bring clothes but doesn't really fit the theme or are not at all "workable", some bring shoes that doesn't match their outfit, and some don't bring anything at all! So I always bring extra clothes and lots of accessories. Sadly, for the 1st day I didn't bring a lot (I expected too much), so I wasn't able to really vamp up some of the girls outfits. =( I even had to take off what I was wearing that day to make someone wear it (that explains my sudden change of outfit, lol).

My emergency outfit after I lent someone my top--which Jear styled coz I also walked the runway!=P
here's where my top went to! fabulous styling by Ana and Melai. Kookie was their inspiration!=)

The shoot wrapped up at around 7pm. We were all drained! Thank you Ana and Melai again. :)

Day 2

I came early AND I came super prepared this time! Brought 2 huge bags of shoes and clothes. I also had time to have a quick coffee date with Mich and an outfit shot!

It was so hot so I had to take off my cardigan...
coffee on hand to prep for a long day ahead!
cardigan-st.francis square, top-topshop, pants-thrifted, shoes-custom made

Enough with my camwhoring, here are some behind the scenes from Fashion Wars' 2nd day!

my bessy Jear:) I seriously love him.:)
with one of the clients!
Jear's chanel peg! Love it.

with Jp and my bidang clogs again! 

 Went to dinner afterwards at Rockefeller, Greenbelt. I was so hungry! The food is in big servings so Mich and I shared. Yummy.

grandma's steak with pesto potato and rice--yum!!!
lamb barbecue
baked beans--my fave!
banana split
tired stylists
I was so tired when I got home and my whole body was aching from standing up for 9hours straight for 2 days.  I owe Mich a lot for dragging her to my styling gigs even when she don't need to. I'm lucky.=) 

Today I styled for BNS' teaser for an upcoming exclusive openshoot! Here's a sneak peak and some behind the scenes. Can't wait for the actual teaser!

hei is a chictopian too!=)

dressing the part--love my shirt!=)
group shot!
can you guess what theme the shoot will be? :P
discussing the make-up and hair peg with gorgeous make-up artist Joyce

It's always fun shooting with the BNS family. Love them forever! Thanks Darz and Vil! =)

How's your week so far guys? Hope you're all having a good one. As for me, I have another styling gig tomorrow! It's a pretty big one and I'm kinda intimidated and anxious now, so wish me luck. =) This is a crazy crazy week with all my extra stints (styling and meetings for a project) plus it's fashion week! I guess I'll be seeing some of you around. Say hi when you do coz I'm a little blind when it comes to crowded places! So there, toodles!xo

P.S. Got featured at Candymag.com and Hypeed.com. Check it out if you have the time. :) Loves!

Click HERE.

...and HERE.

K, thanks, bye!:) 

P.P.S pls check out Jear's blog


  1. WOW. That was a mouthful! Enjoyed it though. The stints sound like so much fun. I think it'll be one of those days that you'll remember was so tiring but in the end, you'll catch yourself smiling. You are so talented! AND that girl on the first day you lent a shirt to, I THINK I KNOW HER. WTF, RIGHT? LOL

    Coveting the polka-dotted blazer and I see you've acquired the hello kitty top na. Love it!

    Congrats on the feature, you deserve it, Pax!

    sPam of frou-frou (which is underconstruction. HAHA!)

  2. That sounds like a lotta fun! You look gorgeous!

  3. I am so jealous at your hello kitty hoodie.. Oh my, I was looking for that.. Sooo cute.. and wow congratulations you really are the it girl in the web.. keep it up ais.. :)

  4. so jealous of all your styling stints, Pax! it looks like you're having so much fun, despite your busy schedule! also, you're doing what you love, which is pretty much what i want in life.

    and oooh, the balloons & the sheep! cuuuute. :3

    boat ride through the sky

  5. Congrats on getting featured at the Candy Mag website! :D

  6. wow.. so many things happening to you all at the same time!!!! gotta love the bubbly pink themed shoot you did there!!! and i love your outfit with the cropped trousers!!! so effortlessly chic! :D

    Animated Confessions

  7. i like your shirt!!! :)


  8. i like your hk shirt!!! :)


  9. i like your hk shirt!!! :)


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  11. that's an awesome job you have there. :D and congrats on the 2 features. :)

  12. naks naman! may special mention pa pala ako dito! Melai and Ana, kinilig naman ako. hahahah!

    lookin chic as ever, Pax! love the mannish look!

  13. you always inspire me pax! :) lovely styling :D i must say, proportion is the key! you manage to look good in a manly way! loveittt much! <3 keep it up! Kudos young fella!

  14. you always inspire me pax! :) lovely styling :D i must say, proportion is the key! you manage to look good in a manly way! loveittt much! <3 keep it up! Kudos young fella!

  15. Ahh, the fabulous life of a stylist-slash-model :)


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