First Major

First major runway show that is. When I first started styling 4 months ago I never thought that I'd ever have the privilege of styling a full runway show in a short amount of time. Well, another one off my bucket list. :) Last Wednesday--1st day of the Philippine Fashion Week--I got a call from the Runway production people if I could style for the Ipanema fashion show the next day. And I tell you, if I only knew how hard it was going to be I would have chosen to just comfortably sit on the benches outside watching. BUT, I love to challenge myself and opportunities like this don't come often, so I said yes. I only had 24 hours to pull it altogether. I was asked to style 50-90 looks all using clothes from different designers. I know I couldn't do it all by myself, so I asked for Melai and Ana's help (AGAIN). Good thing they were both game! I couldn't just rely on Ana for the accessories so I contacted ACCESSORIZE if they could lend us some. And I tell you, they're a lifesaver! Thank you Ms. Ayet for saying say yes in such a short notice. Melai and I ran to greenbelt 5 the next day to pull-out from Accessorize. It was so much fun.

they had to list down everything we pulled-out. Thanks Ms. Cheene!
love Melai's outfit!

I know I already used this pants but I needed something comfy to run in the whole day, so--what the heck.
We got there at around 2 pm and I'm so sorry but it was the most confusing backstage ever. No one approached me as to how the show will run, we had to figure it on our own. I'm also thankful that Argie Salango (stylist/designer/a good friend) came to help. Thanks Arg for calming my nerves, for guiding me (since he's more experienced in this than we were) and for styling the men. It was a huge help. I love you Arg! =) I'm also glad that there were "dressers" (as in they dress the models with the sets we prepared) who were on standby the whole night. Well, they were the ones who knew the sequence anyway. Lol. I was also texting some friends who were in the audience to ask for feedbacks and what can I say? I have amazing friends. Haha. They all said they loved what they saw.

There were a lot of glitches (refer to Melai's post) but I'm still glad I got to be a part of it. Major challenge.major achievement. I felt like Rachel Zoe when she had to create 90 looks in under 2 days for Naomi Campbell's fashion show for Haiti. Haha. I really planned to take some behind the scene photos, but as soon as I stepped in the dressing room backstage we went to action immediately. We didn't even have time to breathe. Thanks Arg for some of the photos!

in action! designer Jian Lasala is the one beside me:)
Ana, Melai and I's accs corner.

Can you spot us?

As friends said, the show was awesome. Ipanema's brand manager also congratulated us for a job well done. And if anyone from Ipanema or Runway prod is reading this--Please send me a copy of the video already! So I can send to Accessorize. Thank you. 

Post show photos...
with Cheene--store manager of Accessorize G5
thanks gels.

And here are some photos from the show which I grabbed online.

click on the link to view more photos and videos of the event! 

blue brooch/pin on swimsuit--accessorize
scarf- accessorize

hairclip & bracelet - ACCESSORIZE
You could also view more photos on the Philippine Online Chronicles. Click HERE.

dress worn as top- depaige.multiply.com, pants-thrifted, shoes-Chickflick

Oh! And here are some of the final photos from the openshoot I styled for--Fashion Wars.

Just one of Ana's creation!

...and Melai's.

I still have a lot of things to post, so I hope you won't get tired reading. 
Missed all of you!

Archive Clothing will be at the Brighstar Bazaar this coming weekend, Nov. 6-7, 2010 at A.Venue Events hall Makati City! Hope to see you guys there!=) Don't forget to drop by our booth even just to say hi. I would love to meet all of you. :)


  1. Wow we love ur personal outfits the most..and we admire the great initiative.. styling 50-90 outfits is crazyyy we dont know how you did it..

    Checkk us out.!

  2. Pax, is that your bag on the 6th Fashion Wars photo? :D

    Roan, The Explosive Orange

  3. wow..next level na!!! :D i love it, aisa!! congrats on a job well done and also to ana and melai!! pwede na kayong styling team trio! :D

    Animated Confessions

  4. Congratulations Aisa! I love the styling..:) It must be very tiring and stressful doing a full show, but you did GREAT and I adore and salute you for that..:D More styling events to come! :D


  5. aisa, i am so so jealous of these fantastic opportunities! i do some styling here in cebu, but that's not really my focus as my media work gets me busy. and you get to really bond with melai, awesome! bloggers unite. <3 you gals, best of luck!


  6. Wow, Awesome!! :)
    Please check out my blog if you get the chance. Any feedback is appreciated!

  7. Wow! Congrats Ms. Pax! You deserve it!!! :-)

  8. ANG GAGANDA NILA PAX!!! :D So proud of our masterpiece hahahah ;P Hope to see you on your bazaar, bday ni ate yun baka makabili ako sa stall mo pang gip hahaha! :D

  9. I like your outfit. It's perfect. :)



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