Pink Chocolate Kisses

Yesterday, we had another food trip adventure to our favorite--Chocolate Kiss in UP. This time I came with of course the bidang Mich, my sister and her bf. I wanted to use my new dress which I bought from Love Vintage Manila owned by the oh-so-chic Lissa. The dress with it's lively floral prints and lace peter pan collar was perfect for the nice UP backdrop. I wore a black tutu skirt underneath to "pump-up-the-volume" (haha), to make the skirt a little poufy and to add a little drama. :) 

Picture away! 



Hickory Spareribs. I love. It's worth it for P215.

Love this Baked Potato too.

But I hated my Pesto with grilled chicken. Because.. look!

...it's swimming in oil! I love oil, but seeing this makes me gag. Not worth it for P205

After eating, we headed to my favorite photo corner in UP...

One of those rare moments where my face looks chubby. i love it.

dress - Love Vintage, shoes-Millies

me wearing Millies, ate in Suelas, Mich in Vans

Twilight Dream...

After UP I headed to my friend Pats from Robinson's Ice Scramble booth opening near our house...

cutest booth ever. heehee.

And it was jampacked! Pats was working like crazy.

By 6pm they were sold out!!! And more people were still asking. 

Of course, I had to get my own scarmble fix.

Congratz to a successful opening Pats, Ricky and Madz!:)

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  1. I think pesto's really like that..swimming with oil.ewww! but the oil is healthy naman, I think. because it's not the "hard oil" when put inside the fridge, more on like the tuna oil. :))

  2. omg!!! i love love love chocolate kiss!!! did you get to try their home made iced tea!!! aaahh yum! :D

    looking good and so girly in the florals!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  3. if the oil they used is olive oil, i wouldn't mind and just transfer a bit of it on to another plate..hehehe.

    anyhoo, i really adore the lace peter pan collar! oh i miss ukay na..haven't done so since our bkk trip..there's nothing like good quality lace in ukay2x...

    ♥ polka dress GIVEAWAY this way! ♥

  4. love the dress on you, Pax! and ok lang yung pesto na nalulunod sa oil. olive oil naman so healthy. :)

  5. @Koox - ok lng din for me but it tastes like oil na talaga as in dripping na sa chin ko, hehehe. nanginig ako bigla. haha!

  6. Thanks for sharing the link, but unfortunately it seems to be offline... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please answer to my post if you do!

    I would appreciate if a staff member here at ipaxme.blogspot.com could post it.


  7. love your dress!!! happened to pass by your blog, and i love it!! :)

    come visit me and hope you follow my blog as well. thanks!!


  8. Lovely dress! You're gorgeous as always! :))

    Hey, I'm selling one of my shoes for a cheap price. Go to this link and check it out. :))

  9. Such a pretty dress and I want those shoes!

    Embracing Style

  10. Aisa! Super Blooming ka!!! I love Chockiss too :) and your dress is so nice

  11. cute dress..I love the vintage-y collar...plus the prints are so wonderful...


  12. Love the dress Aiza! I esp liked the peter pan collar and the tutu you wore underneath the dress, very nice!! great photos too andlooks like you had so much fun with your sister and friend. :)


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