Louis Claparols x Ensembles

Clothing brand ENSEMBLES just recently launched the 3rd installment of their designer series. This time the spotlight all goes to the very talented designer: Louis Claparols.

I've always admired Ensembles' ad campaigns. World class quality! I love it:)

I like!

Ensembles model/brand ambassador: Carmina Villaruel.

Louis looking very chica. Love his polka cardigan!:)

About Louis Claparols

Louis Claparols (pronounced as Louie) is one of the most celebrated fashion designers today. He’s the elected president of Young Designers Guild (YDG), he once co-owned a vintage store in Rockwell called Marni’s Room, and is now collaborating with Ensembles for a capsule Holiday collection.

He rose to fame with his collection of embellished jeans which further evolved to making sportswear-inspired clothing. But he always surprises everyone at every fashion show he’s part of and shows the audience something new.

“I grew up with a very chic mom. And I believe Fashion is in our blood”, Claparols recalled when asked how his interest in fashion design began. He has female cousins who were top models in the 80’s and a brother who’s a famous bag and accessory designer in New York.

Rich experience in retailing backed by strong fashion design skills and learning, has made Claparols a well-rounded designer. Another advantage that he has over other designers is being part of the Young Designers Guild (YDG). “Being part of YDG has opened a lot of doors for me. I wouldn’t be where I am now without being under the banner of the guild. And being the elected president of the guild, I guess, is my way of giving back to YDG.”

Get to know more about Louis Claparols in 5 questions:

• What does fashion mean to you?
-Fashion is my life

• If you weren’t a fashion designer, what would you be?
-Hmmmmm A stepford wife hahaha, a chef or a yoga teacher

• What’s your happy pill?
-Definitely my dogs, good food, the company of good friends, a good movie

• How will you spend your Holidays?
-At home with my Dogs

• What do you spend your time on aside from designing?
-Doing yoga haaha

The Collection

Claparols Holiday 2010 Collection for Ensembles consists of very art-deco dresses, tops, skirts, boleros and trench coats. Each piece in this special pocket-collection features distinctive retro-feel prints made into cut-out patch detailing that one can see how intricate and how much passion was put in every piece of this beautiful collection. Louis used colorful stretch fabrics with a mix of prints in the details, making the pieces look crisp and flattering.

Q&A with Louis Claparols

• What is your inspiration for your Ensembles’ Collection designs?

It was inspired by a lot of things from architecture to graphic art to my favorite movies. I played with a lot of lines and shapes & cutout prints to make it really graphic & playful.

• What is your favorite piece from the entire collection?

I love the diamond collection, I love how beautifully graphic it is.

• How do you feel about this collaboration for a capsule collection with Ensembles?

Well I always wanted to collaborate with a local women’s label and I’m just so flattered that I was invited to do a capsule collection.
And now may I present to you guys ENSEMBLE's Holiday Collection...
  I want these dresses and cute skirt.
2nd from the left dress is my favorite!:) Also lovin' the print on the 4th dress.
I love the shorts:)
I would love to have the sleeveless trench! (1st photo from left)
That skirt is just super quirky and chic:) (1st from left)
I personally love the patterns, prints and cut of the clothes. They are quirky, retro, mod-ish and chic all at the same time. Of course I am biased coz this girl loves her vintage. Lol. But, seriously this is an awesome collaboration. I think these are not yet out in stores but get your wallets ready for some serious MOD shopping--soon. :)

You can visit their websites for more info.


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