Shoot Shoot Bang Bang

Been busy this week attending to last minute styling gigs. I know I promised Mich I won't accept weekday gigs anymore, but I can't let the chance of working with talented people pass just like that. Yesterday, I styled for a nursing review center's billboard/advertising collaterals. I only had 4 hours of sleep but it was worth it. I got to work with a different set of people this time. I wasn't able to take some BTS 'coz I left my camera at home. All I can do is wait for Dookie's set of photos. :)They also took some shots of me! Excited to see how that'll turn out since I'm not very good at posing! Thank you Mycke Summers for coaching me and for doing my fab hair, and Anton Patdu for my fierce make-up. Lol. Didn't want to just wash it all off without taking some photos. So here goes...

Chos. Emotera. (in english: emotions galore)

Yes. Arte. Lol.

Click HERE for Anton's site.
Click HERE for Mycke's site.

Also last weekend, I went to Rockwell to visit SCHU! I am featuring them on my next post. Major shoe-gasms occurred! Stay tuned. :) For the meantime, here's what I wore that day. 


romper-from facebook, blazer-thrifted, shoes-custom made, bag-Fabmanila

I truly wish we have the seasons--winter and fall. It would really put all my blazers to good use. Even though it was scorching hot here in Manila, nobody was able to stop me from wearing my blazer and tights. Except the excessive heat. So I had to remove them. I then used my romper as shorts and wore a loose shirt to beat the heat. Ugh, sometimes I hate living in a tropical country. Here I am in the newly opened SM Hypermart near my grandparent's house.

And here's the rest of the crew.

By the way, I already emailed the winners of my Carlainity bag + SEPA necklaces giveaway! 

Congrats to Efril and Min! :)

P.S. Another giveaway coming very very soon! :)


  1. lol! kyra is so cute. she looks wasted here.
    can't wait for your pictures as well. i actually thought you looked hot. in fairness. minsan lang yan. ahahah

  2. where do you "custom-made" your shoes? love it!

  3. lurve the rompers dear!=)

  4. you look great all made up! :D

    loving the oxfords you have, dear!

    Animated Confessions

  5. pax! yung totoo? Is that your hair? OMG! super loveeee!

  6. Hi there! I love your romper! Wanna know where you bought that lovely piece... :)
    Thanks! :)

  7. hi aisa!
    HMU's gorgeous, love it.. im considering having 'bangs' too :)

  8. love your hair at the photoshoot!! <3 and i'm inlove with your bag!! :D


  9. ang ganda! everything's so effortlessly perfect. *super inggit mode* i mean, look at you in that loose shirt... *jaw drops* chic pa rin kahit anong isuot.

    where the heck do you buy an exceptional taste in clothing?

  10. THANK YOU SO MUCH PAX!!! :-) Can't wait for your next give aways! :-)

  11. Aisa you looook gorgeous in that make-up! Bring me to more styling stints!!! Gosh I'm super super inggit sa mga styling stints mo dear :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  12. omg! i love the entire look aisa! lalo na yung bag and shoes!!! love it! :)

  13. so pretty babe! i love the bow!

    sooo cute!


  14. Pax! i love the romper!!! stylish as per usual. :)

    and in fer, ganda nga ng make up. :)

  15. wow i love all these outfits! and your bow ;)

    btw nice blog too :)

    kisses from Russia,

  16. the last shot with the baby is just adorable! :D

  17. OMG, I also live near SM Hypermarket, if you're referring to this place where Makro was once erected. Maybe your grandparents are my neighbors? Ha!


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