The Ruins + Announcements

Our flight back to Manila was immediately a day after my uncle's burial. I wish we could have stayed longer to spend more time with my grandmother and my uncle's family, but sadly everyone had to go to work. Our flight was 7pm so we had enough to time to go around. We arrived at Bacolod around 1 pm, we fetched my Aunt at a souvenir shop. Of course we also had to go in and buy food! 

Sorry I don't have a picture of the inside of the store--just me in front. heehee. Oh and love the new city hall.

We then went to Bob's for a quick snack which turned out to be heavy eating. Lol.

Wish I lived in the 1960's. Hehe.

Bread shopping!

Bought 3 garlic bread (my fave!), 2 black sambo and 1 poppy seed muffin.

Cheezy potato, Fish & Chips, Ceasars Salad

Black Sambo reminds me of my childhood. Delicious:)

Before going to the airport, my Aunt and Uncle brought us to a heritage site called The Ruins. It's breathtakingly beautiful. Too bad they had to burn it down during the 2nd world war so that the Japanese won't make it as their headquarters. The details on the pillars are so intricate and exquisite. Entrance fee is just P40. Not bad.

The Mascobado Mill

Family pic!

Arte? in english--dramatic actress? wahahha

Outfit shot!
dress from Liascloset, greenhills shoes

P.S. My blog giveaway has ended!!! Thanks for all those who joined. Will announce the winners on Monday! :) 

Oh, and good news... my new bowler hat babies are now cured!!! How? I just steamed it over a boiling kettle and fixed the dents by shaping it with my fingers. Here's how it looks like now...

Yipee yey!


  1. Nice photos! The Ruins is indeed breathtakingly beautiful.

    Pax I have the same faux crocs in apple green, comfy noh? And I love your dress, parang ang presko niya isuot! <3

    Lee [spunkandglam.blogspot.com]

  2. OMG! Where'd you get your bowler hat? I've been wanting one for ages!

  3. Thanks Lee! And yes, super presko nia. Haha and the shoooes--soooo comfy!:)

    Lauren - bought it on ebay!:)

  4. the food looks so so good, dear!!!

    great job on fixing the bowler hats!! cant wait to see them on you! :D

    Animated Confessions

  5. The Ruins is beautiful indeed. i would love to hold my wedding reception there. what's sambo? like leche flan or taho?

  6. love love love the pictures! Indeed, ang ganda ng ruins, I wanna go there!

  7. wonderful photo op there.. ganda ng place! :)

  8. love love love love love the photos!!! where is this?

  9. Oh you went to the Ruins! Nice the place noh?

    And hell yeah to Bob's! I miss Bacolod now..

    I hope we could hang out there once we go home again...

  10. I am super happy you found some bowler hats na! :) I recently bought a brown woven bowler hat from YRYS. I highly suggest you check their stores out. They have 20's-inspired hats, bowler hats (from felt to woven) and some boater hats as well. Sad part though is they have them in tacky colors or the ones that are decent are always sold out.

  11. I love these photos! The ruins look so beautiful.

    Love your outfit as well as always!

  12. hello.. found ur blog thru Noemi Dado lardizabal. I just wanted to say, I've same blouse and I like how you wore them. I always wear it with skinny and it looks formal, but i think wearing it ur way is way too kewl..
    lovely place..

  13. Wow, that city hall is niiiiice! Parang hindi Pilipinas. :D


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