Errand Friday

I'm still waiting for our Sky cable connection to get fixed, for the meantime I just have to put up with my ultra slow smart bro plug-in connection. So I still can't post the photos from my uncle's wake/burial (I know I too am not a fan of sad endings but I just have to immortalize the event here just for future reference). If our connection picks up later I'll finish posting the rest of the photos and stories. But today, I'm just so proud of myself for not giving in to the call of indolence! Did a lot of things today.

My pending shipments for Archive are now done. Then, I texted Mich if I could order shoes online from Forever 21. She said No, but by the time I got her text I already received my order confirmation. Oops! These babies are just too pretty...


So Miu Miu-esque noh?
I wish I wish I wish this fits perfectly--unlike the other hats.

Since I still have a slight phobia of customs (my shoes from Chic Reward is still there, still unclaimed, haha), I decided to use Pobox instead. Go on, click on the link to learn more about it. All I know is that I can now buy items from the US without asking relatives and friends to include my item in their balikbayan box. I'll let you know if I encounter any problems with them as the order goes along.

So I left the house to go to the post office. My bowler hats finally arrived! But I got disappointed when I discovered that it got deformed. The shipper used a soft packaging box so it got dented. :( It's still wearable though. You must be taller than me to actually see the dent when I'm wearing them. Hehe! I'm still happy I finally have my own bowler hat. Does anyone know how to make them go back to their original state? Help?

Also paid my bills and settled some final changes for our upcoming Palawan trip! So excited. It's gonna be next weekend. My bday!:)

So while I'm settling my bills, I also met up with a friend from FIP who owns a shoe factory. And she gave me this! New brogues. And I love them!:)

So lovely and fits perfectly. :) Thanks Honey!

I'm also currently preparing for a shoot tomorrow. This is the peg:

..never realized how much black, grays and whites I have in my closet until now! Haha. Anyway, will blog about a part of our Bacolod trip later (still not the sad part). When we visited the historic "The Ruins". So breathtaking. So...laters! =)


  1. ate aise, where can I order ze shoes? pwede online?

  2. totally love the shoes you ordered at f21!!!

  3. My friend in the States have that wedge booties! I think F21 manila have stocks of these babies. Anyway, I love the Maryjanes! Indeed very miu miu!! <3 it!

  4. gojane.com is also having a $5 on their shoes! Very lovely pairs!! :) Go check 'em out! :)

  5. i love those miu-miu..lookalike shoes...such darlings..anyways love your looks..1!

  6. awww lovely shoes, babe! ^^
    happy weekend!


  7. i love those brogue shoes, where'd you get that?

  8. I'm eyeing on the first two pairs of shoes as well. I've tried one the first one at the store, not too bad ;) The second one is still not avail. in Canada so I'll wait. Very Miu Miu-esque but I'm kinda doubting the quality :( But do post them on the blog once you get them :D


  9. i'm loving the miu miu-esque shoes so much. and it's in polka dot too. love it more!

    can't wait for your "the ruins" pics. i was there 2 years ago and the place is just so beautiful. never mind the rocky road leading to it. LOL


  10. Love the shoes. I'm in the process of ordering the platforms and oxfords from F21. I can't wait to style it. Great post.


  11. oh my gosh i love your purchases and the brogues! love it!:)

  12. just fell in love with the polka shoes!!! they're indeed miu miu like...*sigh*

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  13. i love the platform maryjanes!!! and what happened to your bowler hats is so sad. just place them under similar round shaped hats as well so that they'll take the shape of hat.

  14. I just so the exact same forever21 shoes at their Facebook page and I guess they just got it for this month's stock. Though I am guessing you got it a much cheaper price (I can't believe I missed it, no shipping fee and like major sale. boohoo)

    Goodluck with the photo shoot dear! :) Can't wait to see the results, put 'em up. :D

  15. sad about your hats dear! those polkadot shoes! i want them!!! hehehe. hmmm... i wanna order again from f21. oh and those brogues your friend gave you are lovely!!!

  16. i like the miu miu-ish maryjane platforms too :)

  17. i love your new stuff! ;) the brogues are soo nice! and the f21 mary janes are indeed so miu miu!

    xoxo Mode Junkie

  18. i saw the miu-miu inspired shoes from f21 too!!! aaaaahh!! still not available in canada.. but they have this nude wedges that are knock offs of JC's take and draped! aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! i want them so bad but im on a self imposed shopping ban! hahahaha! :D

    anyway, goodluck with the shoot! the concept is fabulous!

    Animated Confessions

  19. Love the shoes teh! Goosh. Kaiinggit libre na sapatos ngayon. Haha :) See you tom! Tell me about the shoot there na lang :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  20. hi. just wondering where i could get the beige brogues.. they're utterly adorable. i'm actually hoping i could get it for free, too. haha. wishful thinking.

    love your blog! =)

  21. love ur new brogues! goodluck on the shoot, hon!

  22. Those polka dot heels are just the best. I can't wait for you to get them so I can live vicariously through you! :)

    B from A plus B

  23. love the brogues! are they sold online? :)


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