Robinson's Mall Event: Bloggers

This post is dedicated to all the bloggers I met and laughed with at the Robinson's Mall: The Great Fashions Finds event. Such fun. :) Will post another blog entry for the event and stores itself. :)

Before the event I met up with fellow blogger Melai first at SM Makati. We met up with her bf (the nicest bf ever) JR there. The we headed to Robinsons Ermita.

Some shots Mich took in between the waiting...

romper - Fievre, blazer - thrifted, shoes - from friend, bag- from thailand, necklace - Accessorize

Can I just say, I LOVE this romper Fievre gave me. And it's not because I got it for free. :P I just love how soft and comfy it is. Melai said she loves how it looks like a dress! I seldom find rompers that fits my crotch area perfectly (lol). So thank you Fievre!

Anyway, we got at the event early. As in I was the 1st to register. Hehe. I don't mind though coz I'm now trying to practice diligence and punctuality. Got to see Tin Iglesias first but we were reluctant to approach her at first. I couldn't contain my mouth though as we were claiming our id's at the front desk, I called her name and she's super nice! Very pretty too. :)

We took another photo after the event. By the way, she won the contest! Lucky girl! Hehe. :)

And here are the other photos of me (and Melai) with other equally gorgeous and nice ladies of the blogging world!

 Melai and me inside Topshop. 

With Jeff Siy the organizer.

with Ana and Raleene.

Hello Bestie!!! Hope your camera's cured na. 

I love your clogs! Buy at golddot daw!:)

With the glam founders of Ukay Manila!:)

...the stylish duo--Lauren and Liz!

Too bad I wasn't able to take a picture with Sasha Manuel. Next time. :) Thank you Jeff for the invite! Will post more photos from the event soon, I'm just waiting for the other pics from Melai. 

And here's our entry for the contest (we didn't win but we still had fun so it's okay hehe). 

... will post an entry soon as to where we found these treasures and MORE! :) You can view the other contest entries on Robinsons Mall's facebook page. Click HERE. Enjoy!:)

Oh, and I'm so excited for another styling stint on Friday. This time it's for a magazine. It's not a super well known mag but it's a start! Will post photos soon. :)

P.S. The winner of my blog giveaway will be announced later or tomorrow. Some of you forgot to send me the screenshots. I already emailed  those who forgot. Deadline of submission is 9pm today (philippine time). Thank you!


  1. It was so great to finally meet you yesterday! I hope we can get to hang out again sometime. :D

    I looove Bestie's clogs, I wanted to say hi and have a photo but she looked so happy with her boyfriend, I didn't want to disturb lol.

  2. ooohh ang galing na idea!!!! :D everyone looks so stylish!!! as in everyone!

    Animated Confessions

  3. @Lauren - yeah let's hang out soon! maybe do some thrift shopping together. We're all thriftshop addicts! hehe.:) Ok lang sana you disturbed Bestie she'd be happy to take photos with you!:) Db Bestie?:)

    P.S. I still owe you my friend's number. Hehe

  4. @Sybil - uwi ka muna Sybil. Para we can take photos naman together! hehehe

  5. It was nice meeting you, Pax! You guys are so nice and friendly. Random, but I actually remember what you said to me "Baby pa si Tin!" Hahaha. Hope to see you guys again soon <3 Very chic outfit, btw!

  6. @Tin - yes you're the youngest ata sa pack!:) congrats again on winning. And i hope to see you again very soon!:)

  7. Benta ka sa akin forever pax!!! ;) Thankyou for the laughtrips haha! :D Super happy to see you and Melai uli!!! Till next, and hope it's soooon! :)

  8. Hahaha natawa naman ako sa comment ni Lauren!

    It was great chatting with you guys, sooper kulet lang! Till our next bonding session. :D

  9. Looks like fun! I would love to have a blogger meet up.

    Love your outfits as usual!

  10. Those rings are gorgeous, love! Can't wait for your post on them :) Lots of familiar faces in this entry, love it!

  11. ang bilis mo naman magpost teh! bukas pa ko teh. hahaha

  12. I'm sure you had a blast. You all look pretty! College pa yata ako nung huli ako nag punta ng Robinson's place Manila :D

    Lee [spunkandglam.blogspot.com]

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  14. How fun to see all the bloggers that I've come to know through comments and reading posts. You guys are so cute all together here! :)

    Bea from A plus B

  15. i love your outfit, pax!!!! and so nice naman that you got to meet other bloggers!!!!

  16. Nice meeting u! Til the next bloggers meet-up! :)

  17. loved your floral romper and the blazer<3

  18. Hi Aisa! I hope to go naman with you next time! wee!:) Nice romper!:)

  19. Your whole outfit is love! I want that romper and I liked that you paired it with that blazer and brogues. I also like your outfit entry, that polka dot dress is classic with the bag, shoes and accessories :D

  20. wah! i wish i could meet all you girls too! next time i'll tag along pwede?!?!


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