Denim Madness

I'm back from my 3 days melancholic Bacolod trip. But before I post some photos of my Uncle's wake&burial, I will first share with you some outfit shots (and then some) we took in between. This is me showcasing my new Ichigo shoes--which I love love love. I am not very much a fan of pointy shoes BUT this I like because it's denim and it is comfortable to walk/stand in. *Pardon my zombie like face, it's so difficult to werk(!) it if you haven't slept for more than 24 hours*

Photography: Mich
Location: Inside our family compound-- La Carlota City, Negros Occidental

Wearing: shirt - vintage, shorts - from bazaar, shoes- Ichigo, pearl necklace - Anagon, other accs- F21


My accessories. Sorry if I look scary--or high? Haven't slept yet.

My futile attempt to be mala Alice in Wonderland. 
And can I just say, I love my Aunt's mala secret garden!

Enjoying my new phone!

Documentation and more photos tomorrow. :)
Again, have fun in heaven Tito!

P.S. Tomorrow is the last day of my big blog giveaway! Send your entries now! :) 
AND, look! I'm on Forever21's homepage! :) I was about to look at their new shoes when I saw this. Haha. Coolness. Wheeeere's Wally!


Also, have a styling stint on Saturday! My very first. Haha. Theme is Lanvin FW '10. Hope I nail it! Scared! :) AND, got invited to a blogger event on Sunday. To my fellow bloggers who will go--see you!!! :)


  1. how freaking amazing is that?! to be in the forever21 site!! yay! :D

    loving your new take on the denim on denim trend!!! freaking cool!

    Animated Confessions

  2. Girl!

    Thanks for being around!
    I love your look so much, denim is a trend that I always love!

    all my kisses and hope to see you so soon,


  3. seriously love the denim shoes and shirt! your auntie's garden is beautiful.love all the greens, it's perfect for outfit shots.hehe

    and oh i haven't joined your giveaway. it's a must that i should with all the fabulous prizes!

    and i'm sorry for your loss dear.xx


  4. super coolness with the forever21 site sis! sobrang fan ako ng website nila even way back nagkastore here in pinas <3 ! :) and yey the photos shinowcase not only ichigo but anagon! :) yehey thank youuu!!! :)

  5. super like your flat pointed shoes!!! :-) denim pa!!! love love love :D

  6. you definitely rocked with denim on denim trend without overdoing it! love the necklace as well!

    congrats on the forever 21 appearance...and haha, i totally check out the site for new shoes too...wish shipping to PI from there is not more expensive than the shoes...right???hehehe.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥ 

  7. HOWMAYGAWD! Pax in F21 site! What in the world?!!!! iba ka talaga teh! I'm the president of your fan's club! ALAM MO YAN! Goodjob! apir tayo jan! Miss you!

    Today with A

  8. Yaaay!!! Congrats!!!

    I really really love your family's compound!!! So beautiful!!!

  9. oh this is a fabulous look.

    Great blog!



  10. oooh, congrats pax getting on the F21 homepage! woot! you look so cute with your mouth agape sa garden. parang, "ano-ne???". hahaha. and ano itech na blogger event?

  11. by ze way, congrats also on the styling gig? for a mag? go rock their socks!


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