What's Brewin'

Got new uploads on Archive!!! 

Reservations on-going! Buy your favorite piece now. :)

And while I was shooting for Archive I also took some outfit shots in between for Chictopia.

 Wearing: Dress - Archive Clothing, Shoes - Pill, Necklace - Forever 21, Hat - SM

I know, the last photo looks like I have a bad case of diarrhea. But I was sitting down because there are people across the street watching us! WTH?!

Wearing: Top - Archive Clothing, Skirt - thrifted DIY, Shoes - from Vietnam, Necklace - Ebay

Wearing: Top - thrifted, Pants - what a girl wants, Shoes - thrifted

I'm sorry for the clutter around. This is the only area in our house with good lighting! Well, aside from the dull gray wall. Anyway, the top is a new thrift score. I just can't let it go! It's so soft, light and comfy. It is also a little sexy with sheer areas. Yey, I could finally try the peek a boo bra trend. Thanks for inspiring me Kookie!:)

In other news...

Why am I super stoked? I got featured on Tongue in Chic!:) 

Thanks Ashley Dy! You can read my feature HERE.

I just want to thank all of you for all the words of kindness, encouragement and appreciation. You are all beautiful and I sincerely-- with all of my heart--wish each one of you all the best in life. Love you!:) xo


  1. hi! i'm a new follower, i've been admiring your style on chictopia and finally made it to your blog! the blue blouse in the second series of photos is to die for. that peter pan collar! & congrats on the feature! you definitely deserve it.


  2. love, love the first dress! the one with the ruffles and green prints. and your style is inspiring, i also want to try the peek a bra trend :)

  3. omg!!!!! that kalesa necklace is just stunning!!! i want i want!! where did you get it, what's the ebay site? :)

    looking good in these photos, dear!! :D love it when you wear one of your thriftes dress with that straw hat!! that look really suits you! :D

    Animated Confessions

  4. @olivia - welcome to my blog! :( and thanks:)

    @Cherie - i'm sure you'd rock it. thanks babe!

    @Sybil - will post the link when i comment on your blog!:)

  5. i've always liked looking at your chictopia outfits! where do you go for your thrift finds? :)


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