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I have not yet started with my "shoe cabinet" project. This is the closest I ever got--buying new shoeboxes for my homeless shoes.

These are the shoes inside my room. I still have more stacked outside in individual transparent shoe boxes (which I bought from Ebay last year). Gawd, I really need a new shoe cabinet. I just want them all in one place. I tend to neglect the others that are away from the majority. 

The shoeboxes with pink and beige lids I got from SM. Surprising! I didn't even know they're selling shoeboxes until a friend told me. And they're pretty cheap too. Got 'em for only P59/pc. They also have holes on each side so your little babies could breathe. And that's huge savings for me since the transparent ones I bought before are P80/pc. So in my excitement I bought 20. I should have bought more.

In other news...

I really want these clothes from my favorite ebay store American Archive

 Love this grungy pansuit!

Why can't I find anything like this in thrift shops. Argh.

Love the upper part of this dress. And the color! Reminds me of ice cream. Yum.


Love the fit, print and the sequins!!!

I like the pattern and style of this dress.

Too bad their dresses are priced &50 and up. And knowing me, I wouldn't shell out that much for just a dress or a top. That's why I never buy Topshop dresses worth P3K. Or shop in Zara and buy a shirt for P2K. I didn't even buy clothes in Forever 21. I would rather spend my money in thrift shops. I get the same styles anyway. The only thing I would actually spend for-- are shoes. Nina Garcia would be proud. Been reading her book "Style Strategy".

It's definitely a good read. Thanks Lui for lending me the book!

Oh, and I got a notice from the post office today! It just means I have a package waiting for me. I'm still waiting for the other notice though. It's either my hat from Chictopia rewards that's already sitting there--lonely and waiting to be redeemed--or the printed tights I ordered. Yey! I'm also planning to finally ask the post office guys their international shipping rates so I could join Chictopia's Chic Swap and finally open my online store to international buyers. Will keep you posted. ;)

And oh, what's this?
It's a confirmation that we're really joining the Kapampangan food tour on the 24th! Mich is kinda excited for this 'coz it's gonna be all about food (her only vice) and some side trips to other famous spots and churches in Pampanga. And while we're there I might be able to check out Mango Outlet store. Yey! If you want to join (and I think you still can!) you can check out Travel Advocate's website. 

Archive Clothing might also be participating in the Port 88 bazaar on July 31. And I am going to the Rockwell bazaar this weekend! See you fellow bloggers and Chictopians!:)

Will post about my blazer collection next. :)


  1. oohhh im excited, i really hope your store can go international! :D i need to fix my shoe collection too.. they're just everywhere my room..

    Animated Confessions

  2. paxie, this is why i love you! HAHA! super we have the same concept of fashion. i don't think that fashion should be expensive. i love ukay ukay! i don't even have something from topshop except my bikinis and some items my friends gave me. i think it's too expensive even if they go on sale. but i must admit that i love zara! i don't necessarily buy items there for more than 2k. my limit is 1.5k haha :) and oh, i think im the only one who's not excited about f21 that much as well. hmmm. are we even normal? haha :)

  3. @KD - good to hear I have you on my team! Team practical!:) hehehe! Fashion shouldn't be about labels. I admire those who can look fab even when they're on a tight budget. I did spend on accessories in Forever 21 and that's because I know I won't find accs like that anywhere. I do buy in Topshop and Mango but I usually buy clothes that I know I won't ever find in thrift shops. yey for us!:)

  4. @Sybil - thanks babe! I'll let you know when i finally have the rates. Hehe. And you should also buy shoe boxes!:) They're so useful I don't know what I'd do without them.

  5. hahahaha! i totally agree with you!
    although i love the style of topshop but i would never buy anything there! shoes are good investments...and thrifting is the way to go for me! the clothes in ukay2x are at better quality than the china made ones at the mall anyway...yay to ukay-ukay!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  6. @Gizelle - I agree! The quality of the clothes are first-rate. And I just love how the dresses have lining underneath. Most dresses now don't have that anymore. Yey to ukay lovers!:)

  7. i miss ukay shopping. i swear i shall go visit ukay-ukay after i give birth! hehehe. love how you can get cool stuff for cheap!

    are you going to open your shop only in chictopia? i wanna buy your pretty blazers. you have such a nice blazer collection. give me a holler ok? i'm obsessed with blazers! hehehe.

    i seldom buy anything from topshop anymore coz of the price and i feel like i'm too old for their style na. well maybe except for the shoes. i love topshop's shoes!!! and i love zara and h&m! even though haven't bought anything from them for awhile either coz of my present state.

  8. Hi:] I came here from chictopia! I love your blog, and now I'm follower here;]

    Please visit my blog and follow it if you are interested in!

  9. i love the ensembles you chose from American Archive. the rompers are so classy indeed. i might go to the Rockwell Bazaar on Saturday. Hope to bump into you there!

  10. @Lloyda- I have online store! http://archiveclothing.multiply.com. You can check it out I sell blazers:) And yes! Ukay ukay is the best! I was able to buy a cute Marc Jacobs sweater last week!:)

  11. @Kookie - yey hope to bump into you on sat!~:)

  12. Just found your blog<3 LOVE IT!

    Come enter my bow headband giveaway!

    xo Lynzy

  13. THE Paxie is following me? I am so honoured :) You have such clean effortless style - I admire your outfits so much!

    Hehe :D Your header is adorable too. Hopefully I will go to Paris someday and be able to recreate that look. So romantic!

  14. I really enjoy american archive but I absolutely HATE EBAY with a passion.I refuse to buy anything on there so all I really do is browse!

  15. @Chiho - thanks dear! will drop by your blog:)

    @Lynzy - thank you! I will join your giveaway! I've lately become a sucker for giveaways. aahahaha.

    @Angie- I hope I could recreate the look too!:) xo

    @Megg- hehe love how you capitalized the word HATE. hehe! Ebay is a big temptation!:)


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