2011 Resort Collections

So yeah, I stayed home on a Friday. I was supposed to go out but when I was about to get ready my Dad asked if I was leaving. I said yes. Then he gave me the puss-in-boots eye and said he is cooking dinner for us. I didn't want to bail on him for the nth time,so I just decided to stay home. That led me to browsing the different Resort Collections, yes out of boredom. So that's the story of my life! Moving on...

...these are my favorites!

I've always been inlove with Stella McCartney's designs so it's only normal that I loved her collection more than anyone. And I love how she showcased her collection, not in a showroom but in a cute garden. Tea party anyone?:)

Her collection is all about florals, scallops, lace and legs!:)

Inlove with the blazer!

It's a garden in a dress! I love!

I die for this dress. *sigh*

Cut-out love.

Love the shoulder detail.

And the suits and blazers! Also to die for. I want!

I don't really like harem type pants, but this I would love to have!

Scallops + Lace + Cropped Jacket = Yes yes yes!

I want a blazer like this.

African inspired? Love the color and cut!

My other favorites...

Alexander Mcqueen's collection continues to inspire. His legacy was continued by Sarah Burton. She just updated what Alexander started and infused his drama in the new designs. The collection is light but still fierce.

 Love the bottom of the dress! And nice color:)

Perfect for the rainy days. I think.

Lace please.

Women in suits.

Power dressing. Love the trouser!

Nude and Black is soothing to the eyes.:)

Women in power. Love this dress!

Love the lapels. Touches of Mcqueen:)

Just fit for a queen. :)

One of my favorite brand is Moschino. Rosella Jardini's design is not for those who wants plain and understated. It's all about pearls and polkas!

Love the prints!

Polka is so in. Love the sweater!

Saw a lot of wide leg trousers. Is it on trend? I'm not a fan but this pantsuit is cute!

love the bow in front:)

Polka on polka! I want trousers like this!

Never thought red and violet mashes well together.

For Moschino Cheap and Chic she focused on an uptown girl theme remix. Very Coco Chanel meets  L.A.M.B. Love how they styled each piece!

I die for the sweater and drawstring pantsuit.

The cargo pants and the sweater works well!

Cute jacket! Love the silver rings.

I want the shirt! So me. Hah! And i want the bag.

Make a statement with a huge bow belt.

Women in uniform. Powerful!

Amazing coat. Looks like the Stella M. one no?
Sporty Chic.

Romantic + Preppy + Rocker chic. Hawt.

Meanwhile, Miu Miu is all about apples, polkas and stripes!

Printed wide leg trousers. Would you wear this?

Polka overload!

Stripes are sexy.

Apples are in? Why not cherries?

Last favorite for this batch is none other than: Proenza Schouler. Designs were inspired by Indian art and urban living. Love the prints, the graphics, the clashing of prints and fabric, and how they did preppy. So chica.

This is how you do Preppy.

Super love the layerings!

Cute dress.

Metallic can be wearable too.

Amazing print!

I must have this black shirt! Works with anything.

So there you have it. Saw a lot more great pieces I wanted to share, BUT I didn't want to bore you to death. SO..maybe I'll post another batch soon. :) Now, I'm inspired!

*all photos from Style.com


  1. im totally digging the scallops right now!

    Animated Confessions

  2. me too! and the polka--forever. heehee!

  3. i wish i had enough money to buy the entire stella mccartney collection.. it was sooooo cute!


  4. this post is just amazing..lots of inspiration. thanks for posting this...when i browse through style.com, i get so overwhelmed with all the designers then i get bored browsing through all the designs...i'm easily distracted like that..hehe.

    okay, so i'm gonna' browse through your selections again...love all of them! they're so quirky and avant-garde in a way...

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  5. It's so nice to see Stella embracing prints this season it is a great change of pace from her usual collections filled with solids which I too am always obsessed with!

  6. aahhhh-mazing!

    much love from,

  7. the black turtle neck dress is amazing. great fashion eye!


  8. alexander mcqueen's collection is stunning!

  9. Great inspiration post Aisa! Cant wait for my scallop shorts now!

    Still not sure if I'll be supporting the new McQ collection, it still feels so weird to me that it's not from Lee. :(

  10. i loooooooove everything! gorgeous clothes dear!xx

  11. I love the Mccartney prints!



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