Heavenly Cheesakes

Here's another one of my post b-day gift for Mich. :) Sobrang cheeeesy!

It's not like any ordinary cheesecake. It's awesome. It has an m&m's effect (melts in your mouth). It's baked to perfection. And super worth it for P50 each. And Kathy, my very pregnant friend/officemate, can attest to that. she finished hers in less than 3 minutes. :P I specially love the Oreo cheesecake. It comes in other flavors such as blueberry, triple chocolate, raspberry and strawberry. Yum!

And you can now order this by contacting Nadia Dujunco of Little Miss Cheesecake. A perfect gift this holiday! Or a dessert to feast on. PM me for her number. :) Thanks Jig!

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