Sunday High

In my last entry I told you about my Sunday escapade with my sister, Mich, my sister's bf Miles and her bf's sister Meg. Don't get too confused-- we're not making a family tree here. Anyway, here are my Sunday buys:

Bought this from Meg. The vest is detachable. Super cute.

And I looooove my new black dress! Bought it from depaigemanila.multiply.com

I love the structures sleeves and the lacey silouhette soft cotton fabric.

I also bought this nice skirt from Space, charm necklaces from Frankie, bag (which was only P350!) and 2 books.

Bought this high waist shorts that fits me perfectly from Space. Also on sale.

The gold one has trees, bird cage and another charm on it. The silver one is a ballerina's tutu.Reminds me of my younger days. :)

Nice blue plaid zippered top from Space.

And me trying them all on. Haha.Observe the mess I made in my room.

And that's me happy (high).

And this is us pigging out at Phoa/Jack's Loft.


Meg and Ate Trish

Check out the Christmas bazaar in Eastwood. I think it's only up to the end of this week. Happy shopping!


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