Halloween Weekend

So we were supposed to dress up as Pink or Punk in the office. I opted for Punk--told them my being pink is super overrated. Hehe. Our company's Halloween party was Friday. So Mich and I went to Galleria the day before to buy some props. Went to YRYS and bought neckties for our punk ensemble. I was lucky enough to find a black tie with pink skulls printed on them. Super cute! Mich bought 2 ties (buy 1 take 1!) and a leather cuff. I had a huge crush on their patent calf length flat boots. Perfect for HK and it's on super sale! From P2500 it's now P900. But I can't wear it here so I had to let it go. :c But that didn't stop me from trying it on. I love it. It's a little hard walking in them though. Maybe because I was never a boots person. Until now I still dream of that pair of dreamy boots. Hate it. Argh.

So anyway, here we are during our Halloween party at the office. And our lil miss skully! (we had a dress-up your skully contest). We dressed it up for only 30 mins. At least may entry! Haha.

The skully winner - Skully channeling MJ after life. Haha.

Merch team's super gay skully - Skemberloo!

Eng's animated skully. Wow. Haha. Observe- how everyone looks scared of him.

Punk baby- Ahren!

and Marlon's--Dylan!

And here's Marketing's super pink and punk -- Paris and Nicole!

Who could be pinker than Paris anyway? And may silbi pala neckties namin ni Mich.

Finance's entry. Love the costume!

I love Art Dep's entry!

And this too:)

Merch-Marketing groupies. :)

the Pink and Punk photo wall

i can finally wear my tie.

Even though we didn't win we still enjoyed making our paspasang skully. Come Sunday, we went to another costume party at 6th ave. :) I wanted to portray a sexy leprechaun (bought a Gold hat at YRYS) but I got excited when I saw my HS cheering outfits and got more excited when I found out it still fits! :) I had to wear shorts underneath coz it's super short. Bought some props also to make my improvised pom-poms and headband. I miss my cheering days in St. Scho!

My girls. :)

We even took pictures amidst the house fire! With all the normal looking people around.

Yuan and my favorite Gal. :)

Before going to 6th while we were looking for props, I also took advantage of the ongoing sale in Gateway. Bought myself 2 pairs of wedge shoes, same design but in different colors. And it's just for a thousand bucks. Good deal na din for 2 pairs db. And the shoes are adorable! Segueway: Eto shoe debut ko. From my chictopia account. It looks prettier when worn with a dress though. :P

Backtrack: Before Gateway while I was putting on some clothes at home I asked my sister if I could borrow her bf's digicam. And she said no. I got frustrated since I wanted to take pictures while we party later on. Soooo-- I bought a new cam! And no wala akong pera cinredit card ko lng. Haha. It's just a Nikon camera but I liked it more than the thin Olympus one coz it uses rechargeable batteries and not the lithium ones. I could just bring spare batteries and not worry about charging. Since camwhores po tau. Heehee. :D At least now I could take pictures of my Ebay merchandise na sa wakas! History: We lost our cameras bcoz of Ondoy. I'm gonna save up for the Olympus waterproof camera next.

So over-all it was a fun weekend. See you on Sunday chicas! ;)

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