Look what I found in the mail!

I was sooo tired yesterday. We got home at around 6 pm coz we had to go to Makati to pick-up something. So anyway I was really bummed coz we also have to go to work early. Then like an answered prayer I found a package on my bed! Yipee!!!

It's a bakers inspired pair. It would have been nicer if the heels were taller. But it's still worth the 1 month wait. Loves!

Thanks to Soule Phenomenon!:)

My search is also over for a pair of acid wash leggings!

Bought it at 50th Ave, Soulier shop. Saw this last week and it's already the last pair then so when we went back the other day and it was still there--I snatched it from the rack and paid for it right away. Meant to be eh!:P

And this is my owl necklace. Super cheap from YRYS. :) I love that it's bronze and I love that the owl itself can be bent or moved. :) Lovesies!

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