Quickie Updates

1. I finally bought a Steve Madden shoes--not the black one on my previous blog--but a red snakeskin one. I love it. Bought it from a multiply seller for almost half the price in malls. I think it's an over-run or something that's why it's cheaper. (It's on my post 2 weeks ago)

2. I said I'll be saving up for an Olympus underwater camera. Guess I didn't need super saving after all! Hehe. As soon as my guy bestfriend read my post he called me up and asked me if I wanted to by his'. It's fab. :) Can't wait to use it for our Bora trip on Jan. with my St. Scho+Miriam friends remix. Haha. The only downside is that it takes maybe 3-5 seconds to take a picture. Is it really like that??? Anyone?

Sorry for the sucky pic. :P

3. Bought a gorgeous new jacket from Tomato. I loveee it. It's got zippers and studs. What's not to love? :D

4. We have a new apartment!!! Well, Mich does but I'm certain I would be spending my everydays there. Hee. And no it's not in Pasig and it never will be--ever--again. It's somewhat small but still cozy. The best part is it's just 3 houses away from my cousin's house and few streets away from our ancestral house in Q.C. It's also walking distance from Araneta Center area. I just hope we could live by the house rules. :P

5. We had a baby shower for Nowee (my cousin Gabe's gf) last weekend. I had so much fun bonding with my family. We bought a baby tub, bag and bottles as gift. They welcomed their baby 3 days after!:D

6. Clint has a brilliant idea. And it would really be able to help a lot of people if it pushes through. It's called KUMOT foundation. Will reveal our mission on my next posts after it has been thoroughly discussed :D

7. My Ad Congress conference (supposedly in Subic) has been cancelled. :c Sad but it has to happen. Too many important meetings and trainings and meetings again on the coming days--and weeks. Oh well, next time.

8. Mich's birthday is coming up! *smiles widely* I might be climbing with her (Mt. Maculot) next Saturday. If I'm in the mood. Hehe.

9. Our Thanksgiving holiday is coming up! Yehey! Holiday sa wakas! Too bad Mich has to work on those days for a special project. :c

10. Our flight to HK is tomorrow and I'm excited! Well I'm excited coz my family's excited. Kahit d nila aminin halata naman. Haha. And I discovered that my brother is not really a fan of light packing. He packed 4 jackets. He said he wants to use different jackets everyday. Whatevs!

Will post more when I get back (if i'm not already busy). Toodles! xoxo


  1. joot is undeniably your brother. super. i saw him practicing his smile earlier. he tilted his head this way and that way just to see which angle would look better in the pictures. plus he has accessories! he bought oodles of them.. ahahahaha
    his favorite line right now is "picture picture!!". heeee..

  2. hahahahaha.. mga ipac nga naman... light packing does not exist.. hahahah... btw, focusing under low light sa olympus mju tough 6000 is matagal.. try mo in under bright conditions.. well, ganun talaga pag ultra compact cameras... ikaw ba naman mag fold ng mga lenses and mirror sa super tight space.. hahahaha... enjoy your trip!!!!

  3. tae natawa ako mich! hahaha

    oi oi. haven't seen you yesterday! HUGS HUGS! I know you'll have a blast there in HK. Me inggit! LOL


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