Taste Test -- Pepper Lunch!

Since we stayed near Shaw for 5 days I became a mainstay of Edsa-Shang. Hehe. And also got to try restos there. I especially love Cyma. I also got the chance to finally try Pepper Lunch! It's owned by a popular blogger (chuvaness) and since I follow her blog I've been reading a lot about their resto. They have lesser food choices (compared to Sizzling Pepper) BUT their food's a lot tastier. Maybe because of their popular sauces? or maybe the mix of flavors? I dunno but my sister and I really enjoyed it. :) Their pepper rice (with lots of corn and butter--I love corn & butter!) is also our fave. I got to try their beef & chicken pepper lunch, and their steak + hamburger steak combo. Also their kani salad on a plastic cup. It's one of the best kani salads I've tasted (and boy do I love kani salad). I loved everything I was able to eat there. Even their iced tea (kahit nestea lang yun) is perfect--not too sweet.

Kani-P98 and iced tea.

Chicken -- P155 (it's original price is P198 but they have an ongoing weekday promo)


I was not able to take a picture of the other foods. I was too excited to eat. Haha. Now I'm craving again.

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