Ondoy Aftermath

Last Sept. 26's storm left us with a trashed car, house and most of all clothes. Haha. So it's a good thing our company provided us temporary shelter even just for 5 days. My boss already warned me it's a no frills hotel since they can't find any more available hotel. Since it's free I took their kind offer. Here's how our room looks like in Richville Hotel along Edsa near Shangrila.

... it looks old but it's cozy enough for me. I did enjoy our stay there with our everyday free breakfast (the food is not that good but at least they have cereals!) and it's accessibility. It's just walking distance to Shangrila and Megamall. It's a good thing we don't really live there coz I'd probably end up begging from al the temptation. Haha. :P

The day we checked-out we also visited our house in Marikina. Thought we'd be able to sleep in there but it still needs a day or two of cleaning so we decided to go back to my Lola's house in Q.C. And the garbage! Oh the garbage. :c

...and that's me still scrubbing off mud from our things. At least 70% of our house is now clean. Major repairs are still needed though.

But I'm excited to have our house restored. And inspite of what happened. I will forever love Marikina. There's still no place like home.

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