Stops and Starts

My blog title is due to my current LSS- After All na song by Peter Cetera and Cher. Haha. Cheesy. Soooo, we're now back in Marikina. Our house is still a big mess but it's now bearable. And I'm now sleeping in my room again. Yey! We already bought an airbed (temporarily for my Mom and Dad), garment racks for our clothes and a computer table. Last Sunday I spent the whole morning and afternoon folding and organizing all my clothes (I cleared 6 huge garbage bags full of our clothes--less garbage bags outside!) and putting some of my shoes in my stackable plastic shoe boxes. We still have a long way to go before we regain and fix everything though. But we'll get there.

Anyway, last Sunday on our way to SM-Cubao I saw big trucks plowing our street. I got excited. I thought they'd finally clear our street from mountains of garbage. But when we got home--surprise!--they're still there. Argh. Our street now looks like a basura war zone. A basura war zone/obstacle course on a dirt road. I heard BF say 70% of Marikina is now clean. Umm--I don't think so?! Oh well, there's damage everywhere so I guess it would really take this much time. :c But our street now reeks and people might get sick.

My dad said it happened coz we have so much blessings it's time for us to give some of it away (d kami mayaman po pero we're happy with what we have). We transported all our clothes to our Lola's house in Q.C. and it filled almost 10 big garbage bags. 7 bags are just my clothes. Hehe. Manang Sylvia our forever tiga-laba/family friend na-- looked like fainting na daw. Nahilo na daw kakalaba. Hahaha. And my Mom spent almost P2K for 9 dozen hangers + fabric conditioners and detergent. My Lolo just stared at their sampayan with disbelief whle crying out loud, "Mamigay na kayo ng damit nio! Ibigay nio sa mga relief!". So I did sorted my clothes and gave not nearly 1/4 of it away. It actually felt good--getting rid of unwanted stuffs that just deprives me of my much needed closet space.

Out of all the things we lost in the flood--it was the damaged beyond repair memorabilias that made us sad the most. Pictures, documents since we started school in the 1980's, my ballet book, baby pictures since panahon ni kopong-kopong, my parent's wedding album, my aunt's school diary, my UST Mountaineering photos, my self-made album (of my life), my HK and Singapore maps and tickets, letters that are more than a decade old, etc. etc. It's because you can buy new appliances or shoes or clothes but you can never bring back the pictures (d na uso negatives ngaun and I'm sure wala na yun sa face of the earth), school documents (cge magrequest ka ng original report card mo nung prep), etc. etc. *Sighs*

Oh well. Sabi nga nila, time to start anew. I can't say fresh start kc d naman amoy fresh samin. I'm just glad we're finally able to get rid of half of what's in our house like my Mom's super vintage filing cabinet (na super tagal ko na gusto I-exile!), sewing machine and all the other useless shits in our house. Whoever got the filing cabinet from the dumpster must now be a thousand bucks richer (junk shop galore!)Bigat kaya nun. Haha.

Anyway--we're still bound for HK 2nd week of November. Yey! 'Coz we need a much deserved break. :P


  1. awww... paxie... cge, i'll give you my sangkatutak na hk maps and singapore maps... i have tons. you need it for your trip ba this nov??? it's funny that you are blogging about your losses while i just recently blogged about the relief operation i organized. medyo ironic lang.. misses!!! hugs!!!

  2. ok lng naman carry lng. hahaha! actually proud nga ako sau eh. :) gusto ko din tumulong pero wala kc time dami inaasikaso. Pero compared naman to others super fortunate pa kami. Kaya cge sa next relief operation mo in kami ni Mich!:)


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