my last week's style diary

Sorry for the sucky pictures. Still can't find my digicam
so I'm using a cam phone instead. :c

Highlight: sequined Zebra print top.
Mood: Rocker-ish.
Style: Wear it blazers. Blazers go well with anything. I love how it makes casual outfit look a lil corporate. I wore it with black so as to highlight the print of my top.

Highlight: Black Lace Top.
Mood: Fun and Flirty.
Style: Worn it with a floral skirt and black flats. Threw on a denim jacket to make the look romantically casual. I swear I looked like I came straight from the 80's.

Highlight: Military blazer/jacket
Mood: I miss Michael Jackson.
Style: The jacket makes a statement by itself. So I just decided to wear a plain black dress underneath. I just accentuated it with a garterized belt with gold buckles.

Highlight: Vintage rocker/metal Tee.
Mood: Corporate Casual
Style. I threw on a soft blazer to soften the look and wore pumps for a girly power player effect.

Photos from my chictopia account. Dressing-up is sooooo fun.
It makes me happy. *smiles wide*

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