Noynoy nalang kesa trapo na naman.

I was seething in anger an hour ago bcoz of a blog entry I read. Sooo not cool.
(See the story here).

You can also find DSWD's official statement there. Which I find shitty and dirty. Coz I find it
highly unlikely that they came short of volunteers--kung ABS and GMA nga overflowing volunteers why not them db??? And mas madami pa ata yung volunteers nung personal relief operation ng friend ko kesa sa DSWD! At least sila 11! Duh. So here I am super pissed. How can I volunteer kaya?

So to soothe my rage I just diverted my attention to planning my outfit for our trip on Nov. Hehe. It's my secret to share. :P Whenever I go on a trip I plan my outfit 2-3 weeks before. I write it down in my notebook which I carry everywhere. It's effective for me bcoz if I don't plan what I'm gonna wear I'll just end up bringing my whole closet! I'm crazy like that. :P

Can't wait for our vacation. :) And with the whole fam. I think we're gonna have a blast more than chaos.

P.S. Our 2 new uratex foam arrived last wed. Again--thank you Branders!:)

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  1. hahahahahahahahaha. i cant stop laughing sa therese kwento... hahahahaha


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