Day 2 in Boracay!

So after 10 hours of sleep we felt fully (overly) recharged for an activity filled 2nd day. We woke at 8, took a quick bath, ate breakfast then headed to the beach to meet up with Kuya Archie our tour guide for the day (message me if you want to get his number). We met him the day before in front of our hotel. And we were able to get some pretty good deals for our 2 day activities.

So we followed him to a nearby tricycle and he instructed the driver to drop us off Balabag.

adobo for breakfast!

Mich stops for a pose. That's Archie in front of her.

Waiting for our ride to Balabag

One thing I hate most here is the overpriced tricycle fare! Our short trip from our hotel to Balabag costed P50. Oh well, this is a tourist spot after all. We got off and we were asked to fill up a form and to sign a waiver. Just in case something bad happens to us. They said it's for insurance or something. We then paid our balance for the helmet diving. It costed P2K for the 2 of us. Cheaper na din coz it costs P1500-2500 originally. They then asked us if we want to use an underwater camera for P700. We declined coz I thought 700 is too much, ikakain nalang namin yun! Haha.

We were then led to a boat that would take us to the diving site. There were 6 other people on the boat with us. :)

After 10 mins. we arrived to the helmet diving site. We got off the boat and into a floating raft. The water's said to be 12-15 feet. We were briefed by the leader manong (haha) on how to breathe underwater, etc. etc. In short-- how not to panic. Haha. Well, I did panic--a little. D lang obvious. But I was worried how I'd be able to carry the heavy helmet on my head! Haha. After a while, I felt more relaxed. If the other girls can do it nga, why can't I? Haha. So finally..our time came. And boy, was it sooo much fun! The view underneath was breathtaking. Believe me.:) Which reminds me...I should save up for an underwater camera for next time!

listening to kuya's briefing.

After diving, it was ATV time! The ATV rental was just near the Balabag shore but when we got there, there were no more ATVs available (korean invasion) so we transferred to another ATV location (it was P100 trike away, grr!). Our ATV rental was just P700 each. But I'm pretty sure there are cheaper rentals out there. So make sure to really scope the whole place. We had a kuya guide who carried my bag and took our pictures (no need for self-timer this time!). We had a 1 hour super fun ride. And it was worth it coz he took us to Mt. Luho (Boracay's highest peak) where we took plenty of vain pictures overlooking the whole Boracay with our bidang-bidang kneepads!!! Yuck!. I wanted to tear it off coz super hassle! But nakakamatad isuot ulit. Hehe. We enjoyed our little hike and the whole ride. :)

ATV rental in Balabag

ATV route

ATV rental at some other place

Mt. Luho park!

Overlooking mah men!

Trek konti with our knee pads. Stylish lang.

After our activites we headed back to our hotel to change clothes and then we rode a tricycle to go the D'mall. We only paid P7/person (dapat d nakapila trike para mura). We searched for someplace to eat. Since I was craving for some good steak, we ended up eating at Ele's Grill and Steakhouse. It's quite pricey. but the food was great. I finished my food (and Mich's!) which rarely happens. Haha.

Waiting for our food.

Sizzling gambas! Super yummy.
I forgot what steak this is pero yung pinakamura. Haha.

We went around a little and then we decided to just shop for souvenirs at D'Talipapa. Before going there we passed by Crazy Crepes (P100) and I just had to buy one for Mich. Nag-crave sha. Nope she's not preggers, matakaw lang. Haha.

Cge titigan mo pa.
Pabili po ng Mango Caramel!

Waiting for her crepe.

Ayan naaaaaa.

It was just so-so. I expected something more. Only the inside was worth eating.

After finishing the crepe, off we went to D'Talipapa. Mich drooled over the big crabs and lobsters. I bought 11 bracelets for P100. Perfect pasalubong for the officemates. And I bought 3 earrings for myself. Hehe. We'd definitely try the lobster and crab next time.

Mich's lobsters and crabs.

3 for P100 earrings. :)

We headed back to the beach afterwards so we could chill some more. And based on Anne's recommendation we tried out Jonah's shakes. I bought a simple milkshake and Mich opted for the choco peanut one. It was quite pricey for P99 per bottle but it tasted fine. And the mineral water bottle packaging was cool. :P

Waiting for our shakes.

View from Jonah's. How cute is that kid making a dolphin sculpture?:)


My milkshake tasted like powdered milk with cream. But it tastes good.

Mich's verdict? The peanut's taste is too overpowering. She liked my shake better. :P

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and just walking along the shore. This is the life! Haha.:P

We love this rattan swing in front of Residencia! Sooo comfy.

Boracay in the afternoon.:)

I asked Mich not to do coz it's embarassing!

Pero cge pose nalang. Haha.



We were not able to witness Boracay by night the first time so bumawi kami that day! We went to D'mall (accidentally) after changing again. I just wanted to visit all flip flops and get a henna tattoo. So we walked and walked lang sa shore. And after nearly an hour of walking D'mall na pala yun! Sus! Haha. They charged half the price for henna coz gabi na. Yey. Afterwards we looked for someplace to eat. We ended up in Bamboo Lounge. It was where I really wanted to hang out because of the cozy atmosphere. I saw the couches--and I was sold. The food was overpriced (ano pa nga ba, haha) but it was tasty too. Mich ordered the beef stew and I ordered their pork rice topping. After eating we then drank our margaritas. :) The food was priced at more or less P250 each and the margarita was P120 each. Ok na din bawi na din sa ambiance and the fire dancers na walang sawa sa pag exhibition. :P

If you walk further along you'll get to D'mall na. Hehe.

@Bamboo Lounge

We love the couches. So cozy!

Hot entertainment!

Beef stew aka beef mami-- na presyong ginto.

Rice toppings.

Blue margarita
cool place to chill out.

We went home super sleepy from the margarita. Went straight to bed and snoozed to death.

*Day 3 coming right up...

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