Day 3 in Boracay

The next day we got up early again, ate breakfast and met with Kuya Archie again (our guide). We went island hopping! Manong gave us a discount and charged us P1400. Although my friend said we could have bargained more. So anyway, we went to Balabag again, boarded Kuya's boat and off we went to 3 islands. We went to Carabao island first to snorkel. It was fun!

Our breakfast! Yummy.

Signing the waiver.

Snorkel time!

Lunch at Yapak Island

We stopped at Yapak Island for lunch. And--mahal aaaah. Ewan, we didn't check out the other eateries there (we settled for the 1st hut) pero it's expensive.


Our P500 food

We didn't go to Crystal Cove anymore because we wanted to chill at the beach nalang. So there.

my stars (henna)--I'm thinking of making it permanent. :)

Mich's tribal henna

We then decided to walk to the D'mall again. We searched for an internet cafe and found one--Shine's Internet Cafe. And we're never going back again! Ever! We rented 2 pc's for 30 mins. And it's super super slooooooow. As in, the loading process took 15 mins. Imagine! I got so pissed I asked their staff if I could just leave since I wasn't able to open anything for the whole 15 mins. She said we can't cut our rental since she already encoded it in their system. WTF?? Then un-encode it! I wouldn't waste P30 for nothing! I was really pissed and Mich was trying to calm me down since she said the girl looked clueless and dumb. Sorry for the word but she really is. I hope employers would hire employees who's actually capable of running their shops. Malulugi sila I swear. And so bottomline is we still paid for the rental.


We ended up in Station 168. Just a few walks away. And it was internet heaven. We headed back to our hotel afterwards to take a bath and prepare for dinner. We bought shakes first and ate meryenda. :)
Jonah's again -- Mango Papaya and Banana milkshake.

Isaw and BBQs by the shore -- superb. :)

We ate dinner at Aria (by Anne's recommnedation). It's a pricey italian resto at D'mall but the food is divine.

We ordered one whole margherita pizza, amatreciana pasta, 1/2 ceasar salad ad 2 iced tea. Our bill was P960. Mahal lang. Haha. Pero cge na nga masarap naman. Our next stop was Bombom's bar for some beer before finally dozing off. The ambiance was reggae-ish. A perfect place to chill. And they have cushioned couches as well. Yipee!

It was a fun vacation for Mich and I. A fun first. And I hope we could come back here--soon!:)

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