First trip to Boracay! (Sept. 19-22)

Just got back from a 4-day vacation in Boracay and I'm already checking out Cebu Pacific's website so I could book again if they have an ongoing promo (wala pa so better luck next time)! Haha:P I went there with Mich and it was a lot of fun kahit 2 pcs. lang kami. :) I will be posting below our itinerary-- our activities, places we visited and dined in, it just might help other first timers (like us!) out there. Thanks to Anne B. for the tips. :)

Day 1 - haggardness day (zombie mode!)

* Boarded Cebu Pacific going to Kalibo at around 11 am (we bought our roundtrip tickets online for P1K each. Ain't it cheap?;))

* Arrived at Kalibo at 12 pm then proceeded to the information counter to confirm our transfer with Southwest Tours (we booked for a roundtrip airport transfer c/o our hotel). After giving us our identification stickers we were then led to a coaster/mini bus outside where we waited for other tourists. After 15 minutes we were on our way to the jetty port in Caticlan. After about 2 hours we arrived at the port:) We got off the bus to wait for a go signal to board the ferry/jetty (or whatever it's called). After the coordinator's check attendance routine (school ito? hahahaha) to make sure no one was left behind we were then led to our boat! Yipee! Korean invasion galore. Grabedad.

inside the airport

inside Southwest's shuttle service!

boat going to Boracay:)

* After 20 mins. we alighted the jetty. Finally! We were like lost puppies for 5 mins. then someone saw our name tags and led us to our hotel service. Yey. After about 20 mins. we arrived at our hotel's backdoor (backgate..or whatever). Haha. It was worth it. :) The receptionists are nice. The room is clean as well. I'm not super choosy when it comes to hotel rooms as long as the bed is comfy, the bathroom is clean and there's a hot and cold shower..it's perfect for me. :)

hotel front

the way to our room

The only negative thing about our room is the door. Mich is the only one who can open it from outside. I was only able to open it from inside after 2 days. Haha.

Mich enjoying the bed. :P

i love the pink kumot!:P

As you can see from behind we made the extra bed as our tambakan. Hehe.
4 people can sleep in here. Super cheap na.

...sayang sana my sister and her bf came with us nalang. We paid P6800 for 4 days stay + roundtrip transfer (inclusive of the environmental fees already) + free breakfast. I think it's a pretty awesome deal. :)

* Aside from the room I also loved our free breakfast! It helps lalo na if you have activites in the morning. Tipid na efficient pa. I also love the beds (what's that called? tanning beds? sunbathing bed? hehe) at the beach front and the rattan swing (whatever that's called), It's super relaxing. I could just lie or sit there all day. :) By the way, rooms also come with a
washroom where you can smoke or wash your feet if you just came from the beach. Very convenient.

Breakfast :)

Lounge area

* Anyway, we spent our first day walking around. We we re so hungry when we got there so we ate at the first good resto we saw. Here we are at Bama's Bar and Grill...

The food was great. :) I ordered the grilled blue marlin, Mich ordered the grilled clams. We also ordered adobong kangkong para lang may veggies. Total is P250/person.

Out of fullness (kasuka sa busog) Mich allowed me to smoke. Hehe. We then headed back to the hotel for a supposed nap that ended up as 10 hours of sleep. Haha.

...Day 2 on my next post.

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