My Mini Payatas

... since Mich had me exposed and my mini payatas in her blog, I'd share them to you nalang as well. Hmph!

Here's my lovely workplace at Branders--

(depende lang sa angle ng camera pag sa side kinunan d naman mashado jurassic ah!)

...Don't you love it!!! Haha. I know I know I should be more organized! But I'm so busy. Um okay, I'm just rationalizing. Hehe. Truth is I need this mess so I'd appear swamped with work. Haha. And no, I haven't seen cockroaches pa naman. I asked Kathy if she would like to clean it for P50 but she just--walked out. Hahaha!

For the record, I already got rid of the hotsauce (gave it back to Vian) at my top shelf. Cheeks help me?

p.s. My hair looks funny coz Mich played with it! May dream ka maging hairdresser boy?

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