Taste Test: Cafe Titas/Ten Titas

Today I accompanied Mich to DOST-Bicutan (layo ha in fairness) to get her final clearance so she could leave the country. Well she needs it for our Thailand trip 3 weeks from now (Yey!). I nearly died out of heatstroke. We went to Gateway afterwards.

Since we're already hungry and we could eat each other (wholesome ha!) any moment we decided to try Cafe Titas/Ten Titas. They serve Filipino foods and I guarantee you they're deliciousa.

(eh ano yan?)

(food distribution)

(lechon kawali with free bagoong, oha--P205)

(bagoong rice, cge ilan pang bagoong in Aiza's words, P178)

(baked New Zealand mussels! D nga? In fairness iba yung pattern ng shell ha foreigner nga, With salsa on top--yums. P285)

(saya ka? dami food?)

( Berry Lemonade shit, masarap super!!! P178)

... o deads nako. haaay baboy lang! Hahaha!

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