Some Truth about Me (in Mich's own words!)

from Michelle's blog:

"Aisa blogged about watching Schindler's list. What she didn't care to expound was HOW she watched it. Let's just say there was a lot of scratching and frothing at the mouth involved in watching this movie.

Yep. That's her. Basically, what happens during the movie is that..
.. she covers her eyes and she just leaves a small space to take a peek through
+ she screams after every horrible scene.. which in then followed by an eerie silence and the "bewildered + pouting look" (see baby pic) with the realization that they actually killed the person
+ a lot of *&^#$*&^@*#$
+ super dikit sakin na parang gusto nya nang pumatong
+ "ano daw? ano daw?" coz she's legally deaf whenever she watches a movie. I should just charge her for making me her personal talking subtitle.
+ the never ending commentaries on how the events should have taken place or what the main character should have done.. or how cute the dress was or how cute the actors were or..
+ she shakes me just to see if I'd spill what would happen next in the movie. The weird thing is that she does this for movies I've never seen as well.. Aisa : "mamamatay ba sha? ha? ha? (with really worried look)".. All I can really say is "aba ewan dude. di ko din to nakita pa eh. pwede naman antayin nlang natin ano mangyari no?"

Well.. Watching stuff with her is never boring. I have to be super attentive since she has questions. At may followup questions pa. Comments, requests, reactions and suggestions. Minsan may halong suntok, tadyak at yakap. I'd consider myself lucky if there were kissing scenes but, unfortunately, Schindler's List was 99% gore.

All I can say is that when she's hooked on something, she is DEFINITELY HOOKED and she's one of the most compassionate people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. "#

...heee, evil ka Michelle! Hahaha. Love you.:)

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