FACT: I'm not really fond of wearing designer whatevers. I would NEVER spend thousands for designer clothes or bags. I was never brand conscious. I just buy whatever complements me.

But then I found this designer: TSUMORI CHISATO. I first discovered this Japanese designers work of art on Ebay. There was this really really gorgeous dress up for bid. I lost. Twice. Haha! Well it's because I don't have the luxury of time to sit in front of the PC to consistently track my bid. In conclusion I got addicted! I fell inlove with the line... I love her designs, her prints and the colors of her clothes! Everything's so graphic, and dynamic, and vibrant, and super eccentric. Totally ferosh.

Sublimely girly, Chisato's collection is known for its rich, color-drenched prints, with hints of her Japanese avant-garde background.

Here's a glimpse of her collection. *swoons*

* from Ebay. Isn't it cute?:)

* Gotta have this dress! Hotness!

* why not, it's like a mini "saya" hehe.. cute!

* reminds me of a quilt.. hehe cute.

* i want want want this! I love the details of the dress! The details on the neck are like tree branches. Stellar.

* ruffles? waves? blue&orange combi? so bjork.:)

* this i'd totally wear anytime! Loves!

* a cute office ensemble

* i love the colors:) makes me happy haha

* NOW, is this a man??? hahaha.
and more...

* curtain call!*



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