a sad farewell.

I dunno why this month sucks so much but it just feels that everything's just not right. It sucked more when I got a text from Chesca that my close friend Buboy's little kid died. :( Well, she's barely 2 years old and she had been battling with her liver complications since she was born. We just didn't think we'd lose her this early. We'll miss you Zooey. We love you very much. Hope you find peace and happiness in the company of angels. :)

God saw she was getting tired
a cure was not to be
So He wrapped His arms around her
and whispered, "Come with Me"
With tearful eyes we watched her suffer
and saw her fade away
Although we loved her dearly
we could not make her stay
A precious heart stopped beating,
little hands now laid to rest,
God broke our hearts to prove to us
He only takes the best.

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