I have coughs. I hate having coughs. I hate the feeling of trying sooooo fucking hard suppressing it coz it's embarassing especially when accompanied by phlegm. Yuck. I always try to breathe deeply hoping for it to "minimize" or finish a glass of water to wash it off. But some coughs are just so fucking persistent! Argh! So I have to run to the restroom to finish my barking/howling (shit) there with my face all red and eyes watery from coughing/choking to death. I remember one time when I had a review for a college entrance test, I had a bad flu so I brought with me 3 bottles of water. But the review class went on for 4 hours, 4 long (everyone's silent except for the teacher) hours, I was in total agony. Haha! Would you want the cute guy in your class to hear how your phlegm sounds like? Haha! I also had this one time wherein my cough lasted for more or less a month, oh I think it was more than that. I had to switch from one antibiotic to another before I finally settled to one that proved to be really effective, coz it's fucking expensive! Imagine P300 for one capsule and I had to take it twice for 7 days. And I wasn't able to reimburse it coz I already consumed all my balance. Grr.

So Mich and I went to Medical City yesterday. Yes, she also has it. Well, I told her not to drink from my glass! Haha. So we registered our health card and asked for a pulmonoligist. We were asked to wait since there were 24 people who came before us. Argh. So we waited for 3 hours. Our doctor's assessment? Dry cough. Sinecod Forte 3x daily. Shit. Oh well, we have one week, well I have one week to "level up" this dry cough to extremely dangerous needs antiobiotic one. I just know it'll evolve! It would be a miracle if it doesn't. Vian and Kathy also has it. It's a fucking epidemic. And I'm still stuck here in my chair, working. Except for this time I'm blogging. Haha.

So there. Shoot me. (or aim at my bosses, yes I have lots). Told ya..epidemic.

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