1-Day in Nonsan: Sunshine Studio, 1950s Studio & Military Experience Center [Sponsored by Trazy.com & K Story Tour]

I have been to Korea before but I've never been outside Seoul, luckily this trip was filled to the brim with out-of-town tours so although tiring, it was super worth it! One of them was an invite I got from Trazy.com to come and join their 2-day Nonsan & Yesan tour from Seoul, of course I immediately said yes! I've known Trazy for years now (it's Korea's top travel booking site) so I was super excited to finally be able to join one of their amazingly curated tours. So without further ado, let's start our journey in Nonsan! Read on to know more...

Our tour started in City Hall Station where we met up. It was just me, Tracy, Michelle and our guide Dony! We were picked up by this van which was so comfy I slept so much. Haha! On our way to Nonsan, which was a 2-hour drive, we stopped at a gas station with restaurants, grocery & lots of food booths to grab a bite. Sorry wasn't able to take a photo during our stop!

Our van!

First Stop: Tapjeongho Suspension Bridge

The 600-meter Nonsan Tapjeongho Suspension Bridge lies over a vast & beautiful lake with wooden bridges you can walk on. Sad that the main bridge was closed when we visited but we still took a stroll on the walkways while enjoying the picturesque backdrop! So calming. 

2nd Stop: Sunshine Studio

One of the most visited places in Nonsan is the Sunshine Studio! This whole place was built for the Korean drama Mr. Sunshine, other dramas were also filmed here like my favorite Pachinko & Eternal Monarch: The King! Entering the place is like being transported to another world, another era. They even have a dress shop where you could rent costumes or traditional clothes from the 1900s, so you could fully immerse yourself in the experience. You know how much I love everything vintage so I truly enjoyed this, so much fun!

The studio is located across the military barracks/training camp so they also have a Military Experience Center in the compound! 

Did one round of practice shooting (not a real gun) after the studio tours! No photo but posted a video on IG story. Hehe.

Studio Map!

First order of business, rent a costume!

Price list! Our set (costume + 2 accessories) was 23,000 won

Accessories! They have no shoes though! So best if you don't wear rubber shoes haha. 

I think we spent almost 30 minutes just rummaging through racks & racks of clothes! Tracy and I super enjoyed this experience (as fashion stylists hehe) so we had a hard time choosing which ensemble to wear. They have a wide variety of choices -- traditional korean like hanbok, kimono, Victorian, vintage dresses, etc. Ahhh so much fun!!!

Chose this whole look! First item I chose was the plaid skirt. :) They have clothes in all sizes! 

Tada! Us in our costumes! :)

Our guide Dony is also a pro at taking photos. Thanks for our beautiful shots my dongsaeng!

Okay now that we have our costumes on, let me share with you photos we took around the whole studio! So many nice spots, so little time. Haha!

One of my favorite spots in the studio is the "Glory Hotel" in the drama! I haven't seen Mr. Sunshine yet (I will watch after publishing this post!) but they said a lot of scenes were filmed here. There's also a cafe inside if you want to just chill and have a cup of coffee. :)

Still from the drama!

This is the cafe! It's Dalkomm :) 

I also spent some time inside Hansung Electric! There are photos from the drama displayed inside, as well as a cafe & souvenirs you could buy. :) On the 2nd floor, you would also find Eugene Choi's office! 

Eugene Choi's office

Hansung Electric Tram!

Still from the drama

Jongno bridge and street

Still from the drama

This strip is where you'll find different shops!

Still from the drama!

I'm so happy to see one of Pachinko's filming locations inside the studio! Still not done with the series but I've watched this specific scene. This is the tailor shop in the drama!

Still from the drama

3rd Stop: 1950s Nangman Studio

Just beside Sunshine Studio is the 1950s Nangman Studio! This studio's setting is post-war or the year 1950s onwards. Some scenes from Eternal Monarch: The King were filmed here!

Stills from Eternal Monarch: The King!

This is also a cafe! 

Our Day 1 tour in Nonsan ended by sunset! I highly recommend this tour, especially to people who want to experience the unique lifestyle of Korea in the year 1900 - 1950s. It's super convenient if you book a tour via Trazy.com & K-Story because you don't have to worry about transportation & the guide is awesome! Food's not included though and extra expenses like costume rental, so take note and prepare! :)

Day 2 in Yesan coming up next! Thanks in advance for reading! :)

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